End of Summer

We just came back from our final Summer trip of 2018!

The Road to Burlington is stunning.
Over the Labor Day weekend we travelled from Ottawa to Albany to Boston to Burlington to Ottawa. It was a great way to end what has been a busy and hot summer!

After crossing the oh so friendly border into the USA we arrived at Albany NY. First time here and realistically the last. Very much a working town and though I'm sure there are nice parts we didn't really get to see that side. We arrived early evening visited a grocery store and then Oliver's Beer Store. This place was the highlight, just row upon row of beers. I found a huge stockpile of Evil Twin and could have blown the whole budget there.

Then we were onto to Boston to stay with family. I love Boston, the only thing I need to locate is a model nerd shop and then I would most likely never leave. We explored Trillium and Fort Point along with Jamaica Plains, then Saturday we chilled hard playing a couple of Board games. Sunday was all about the food with brunch in Jamaica Plains, then beers, pasta and snacks at the family home, along with a three hour epic game of Catan.

Monday (labor) day rolled round and we journeyed to Burlington. Once more a City I love to visit, great breweries and coffee shops. Here we visited a few beer stops and drank loads of coffee..Waking Tuesday marked the end of the adventure as we headed back to Ottawa.

But now the leaves are turning orange, the temperatures start to fall back to a liveable amount. Which means only one thing time to kick the hobby into action. Here are the plans for the cooler months:

1) Kill Team - I've got some built but now it's time to paint them. This project is mostly to distract me from Aeldari and paint something different, this may also involve a gaming board.
Cult of the Kraken arises. 
2) Aeldari - I want to get the Spirit Host finished and a full list written out and then get the Eldritch Raiders started (aiming 1000pts).
Classic tiger stripes heading this way.
3) Drukari - Wych Cult here we come! This is a bold new project starting with 1000pts and going up!
Technically Storm Guardians but you get the idea.

So what is everyone else's plans for the cooler months? Drop me a comment as I want to know.

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