Craftworld Iyanden 16 // Corsairs, Pirates, Outcasts and Exodites.

Welcome to the Corsair/Pirate/Outcast and Exodite page. For you to have found this page you have either followed the link from the dictionary page or traversed the web ways to join me. First up a big thanks for joining my nerdy fun, I hope to slowly expand this page as I learn more about the Aeldari and even include links as I build and paint some of these infamous scoundrels. So pin back your pointy ears and let us get our lore game on!


My favourite section. Iyanden is lucky in the fact that it has Prince Yriel and his Eldritch Raiders the most infamous and feared group of reavers. But many Craftworlds home and give rise to these bands of marauding Eldar. The reason being the Path. Sometimes an Eldar personal will seek freedom and adventure and will be unable to do so within the limits of the path, so they leave to discover themselves. Others like Yriel are Exiled for acts/crimes that could damage the safety of others. Sometimes personalities are so strong a whole house, fleet or army will join their leader into Exile. Here are examples I have found so far.
Technically the original Eldritch Raider scheme, it was later recon to become Alaitoc's scheme. Image is taken from Rogue Trader (1980's). Love the colour scheme.

Alai Mercenary Corps- Unknown

Alai-Myan Alliance- Unknown

Alaitoc Warp Hunters- Unknown

Amharoc - Allies of Yvraine. Lead by Thraellen Longblade on the Mansbane.

Azure Flame - Unknown

Balestorm Avengers- The Balestorm Avengers are one of the Eldar groups operating within the Jericho Reach

Black Suns- Unknown

Children of Thorns- A weaker Dark Eldar Kabal. Exiled from Commorragh, the Children of Thorns consist of ex-slaves, fugitives, dregs and fallen lords who have come together in an attempt to regain their glory.

Crow Spirits- Unknown

Duke Sliscus' Sky Serpents- The Sky Serpents are a group of Dark Eldar Corsairs under the command of Traevelliath Sliscus, better known as Duke Sliscus. Taking their name from Sliscus's nickname, "The Serpent", the Sky Serpents are infamous across the galaxy and known for their unpredictable behavior and attack patterns.

Ellarion's Raiders- Lead by Ulthyr Ellarion the Corsair Lord and are active in the Calixis Sector. His motives for being in the sector are unclear. Some say he is searching for a precious Soul Stone, others that he simply revels in the thrill of the hunt and finds Mankind to be excellent sport. Battlefleet Calixis has pursued Ellarion and his raider fleet for four centuries to no avail. He frequently raids Merchant Fleet shipping in the sector, having scored over a thousand successful raids against shipments

Executioners corsair band - Played a role in the Gothic War.

Fuethan - Aggressive, impetuous and bold, they are quick anger and ever ready to go to war.
Golden Squadron- Unknown

Howling Serpents- Unknown

Mor'phann- Shun the aid of other Aeldari and have become insular, gloomly and dour. These Corsair follow death's path and a viewed as a sinister force.

Myan Agents of Silence- Unknown

Scarlet Command- Unknown. Absorbed into eldritch Raiders.

Sky Raiders- The Sky Raiders are a warband of Eldar Corsairs. They fought in support of Craftworlds Mymeara and Alaitoc in the invasion of Betalis III and the battle of the Karina Nebula fought immediately afterwards. They Sky Raiders are notorious for the viciousness of their attacks, raids of such brutality that they are often mistaken for incursions by Dark Eldar.

Sky Reavers- Unknown

Soul Reavers Pirates- Gothic War

Steeleye Reavers- Strong ties to Ulthwe with many of their members hailing from there.

Sunblitz Brotherhood- The Sunblitz Brotherhood are a group of Eldar
Corsairs believed by the Ordo Xenos to be aligned with Craftworld Alaitoc. They took part in the Eldar invasion of Betalis III in conjunction with Alaitoc, Mymeara, the Void Dragons and Sky Raiders. They are known to have a tense relationship with the Void Dragons, and during the battle in the Betalis system they may have fired on one another.

Twilight Swords- The Twilight Swords are a band of Eldar Corsairs who are particularly active in the Koronus Expanse. First being identified in the Heathen Stars in 789.M41 by Rogue Traders, unlike most Eldar Corsairs who usually tread the Path of the Outcast, they maintain close ties to Craftworlds such as Kaelor. They have been seen fighting alongside Kaelor's Aspect Warriors and Dragonships.
The Twilight Swords seem to relish in their piratical and wild lifestyle however. Dressed in gold and crimson red, they prefer wild melees and lightning-fast raiding to traditional combat. The Warband seems to also be bound by a complex code of honor, though they nonetheless are known to violate these edicts if it puts them at a disadvantage

Void Dragons- The Void Dragons are a group of Eldar Corsairs known for their use of the Void Dragon Phoenix and Vampire Hunters fighter crafts. They are perhaps one of the most infamous and dangerous Corsair warbands, operating across the galaxy and estimated to operate at least 3,500 ships. They have been encountered in the Cadian Gate, Tau Empire and the Halo Stars. Their attacks hold no predictable pattern, and range from ambushes against Chaos raiders near the Eye of Terror to the mass enslavement of the Imperial Penal Colony of Vorenz-IV, to fighting against the Ork Empire of Charadon. They also saw action in the Betalis III System in conjunction with Mymeara, Alaitoc, and other Corsair bands like the Sunblitz Brotherhood. In 140.M40 the Void Dragons became involved in the conflict on Vern IV between the Death Spectres and the Kabal of the Envenomed Thorn. Currently, they are under the leadership of the haughty Princess Saarania.

Void Warrior- Unknown

Void Watchers- Unknown

Xian's Black Raiders- Allies of Ulthwe. Absorbed into the Eldritch raiders.

Yriel's Eldritch Raiders- The Eldritch Raiders are a fleet of Eldar Corsairs under the command of Prince Yriel. Though Yriel and his Corsairs have officially left their Craftworld of Iyanden to raid Imperial shipping, the Eldritch Raiders still respond to the defense of their Craftworld in times of need. Their raids have been responsible for claiming over eleven thousand Human, Hrud, Tau, Chaos, and Tau ships.


"There’s only one true path in life – the path that leads to war" - Mauryon of Biel-tan 

Ybaric Exodites: Dragon Knights allies of Iyanden hailing from Halathel which was destroyed by Hive Fleet Naga.

Worldsingers: Gifted Exodite Eldar who are able to manipulate nature, roughly equivalent in ability and role to Bonesingers of the Craftworlds. Pure of spirit, Worldsingers are one with nature and can spontaneously grow vegetation and forestry from seemingly thin air.

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