Book Review 23 // Neferata: Blood of Nagash by Josh Reynolds

With joy I have completed book Eight of my Reviews of 2018 collection. This time I stepped backed from sci-fi and stepped back into the realm fantasy. The setting is from the Games Workshop Warhammer franchise, a setting now destroyed for their Age of Sigmar games. So let us jump into a time legends and go back in time to were Vampires, orcs and dwarves roamed a land now lost.

Title: Neferata: Blood of Nagash

Author: Josh Reynolds

Publisher: Black Library

Format: Paperback

Page Count: 416

Commercial Fluff: Neferata is a queen without a kingdom. Lahmia has fallen, her vampire children have scattered and she is reduced to draining blood from the beasts of the mountains. After a chance encounter with a party of dwarfs, she sets her sights on a capital for her new empire – the stronghold of Silver Pinnacle. She calls her allies to battle – but can she truly trust Ushoran, Lord of Masks, and his bestial Strigoi vampires?


A hard book to read in my opinion. I found the two time lines throughout the story extremely annoying and a real pain. Jumping back and forth is pointless and a confusing way of telling a story in my opinion. I would have preferred a more straightforward timeline. With the first half set in the distant past and then the main story line. I found myself enjoying the past story arc more, before suffering disappointment as the chapter jumped forward once more. One of the standout sections of the book was the siege of the dwarven stronghold. It felt like the author had always been heading to this point of the story and you really start to feel his writing come to life (must be a dwarf fan at heart). Overall I feel he was wrong author for this tale, if the story had been about the dwarves point of view we may have had an amazing tale, instead it's more meh and lacklustre. For this tale I can only give it a two out five.

Have you read this book? Let me know your thoughts below.

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