Beer Review 58 // Dunham Kekriek

Welcome back fine drinkers to another beer review. I had been on a bit of break as far as the beers go. But now I am back and ready to get going. So without further ado let us just dive head first in.


Name: Dunham Kekriek
Style: Fruit Beer
Brewery: Brasserie Dunham // Dunham Brewery
Country: Canada, Quebec.
Price: $12 (big bottle, but damn is Quebec a pricy provence)
ABV: 6%
Commercial Fluff: Sour mashed golden wheat ale fermented with local sour cherries from tougas orchards.


Label: Nothing that special. Russian style font for some reason and a blotted red effect. Feel this is something they really could improve on.
Sight: A bold and stunning red. Pours with a thin white head that is quick to dissipate. Looks good overall. 
Aroma: Cherries, cherries and more cherries. There is a sourness to the aroma that justs let's you know it is going to taste great.
Taste: Definitely cherry but also a hint of raspberry about it. The sourness makes way for more of a tart finish but this is a great tasting beer.

Final thoughts

I've been lucky enough to enjoy quite a lot of Dunham beers and brewery has delivered every time on flavour and taste. This beer was refreshing and tasty, I just wish I didn't have to keep driving to Quebec to find them or paying the Quebec price tag.

Have you tried it? Let me know in the comments below.

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