Sector 102 // Dino Rampage

Time for another JDMG mission and additional rules. Once again these rules come from the now disbanded Mongoose Blog and are reproduced here to help grow a community. This time we turn our attention to Dinosaurs! First seen during the Cursed Earth Saga, they make for great random encounters and an excuse to play with some dinos.

++ Attention all Street Judges ++
++ Howie's Circus of Historic Facts is visiting Sector 102 today. Make sure to download the following facts on how to deal with beasts on the loose ++

In Mega-City One’s history, recovered dinosaur DNA was used to create clones for the "Dinosaur National Park". When the Atomic War ravaged the city, the dinosaurs were able to escape their confines and while most were recaptured or exterminated, many found their way into the Cursed Earth where they thrived in the harsh landscape.

Skip to present day and dinosaurs are a constant worry for every Cursed Earth settlement, who add them to the list of ever-present dangers along with rad storms, raiders and mutated vermin. Occasionally, a dinosaur may wander close to Mega-City One and slip past the defences unnoticed, where it will lurk in a ruined sector, preying upon the unwary.


Dinosaurs are a great way to challenge your campaign force in Mega-City One, as they are an unusual enemy that can pop up almost anywhere, and you do not need an opponent to face them! While we have not released any dinosaur-specific models, you will find a quick trip down to your local toy shop will furnish you with many different species eager to tear your forces apart.

The following dinosaurs can be used in games of Judge Dredd. All dinosaurs follow the Big and Dumb rule.

Big and Dumb: Dinosaurs were never noted for their brains and tend to follow their instincts, ignoring anything else. They never take take Will to Fight checks and automatically pass all Will checks they are called upon to make (even against Psi Talents – they just do not have a big enough brain for a psyker to find!).

Large Carnivore (500 Credits)

The most well-known carnivorous dinosaur is the Tyrannosaurus Rex, though there were many species of two-legged monsters equally capable of tearing Mega-City One apart. There is little more dangerous than a rampaging T-Rex.

MoveAgilityShootMeleeMelee DiceWillArmourHits
Large Carnivore8”-2-+62D-+525
Type: Illegal Minion Equipment: Jaws

WeaponDamageAPSpecial Rules
Jaws4-5Power Shot, Smasher

Large Herbivore (300 Credits)

Dinosaurs such as the Brontosaurus and Brachiosaurus fit this category, huge swamp-dwellers that became the largest creatures to ever walk the planet. Though normally placid, they are easily spooked and can become very unpredictable when scared.

MoveAgilityShootMeleeMelee DiceWillArmourHits
Large Herbivore6”-4-+44D-+730
Type: Illegal Minion Equipment: Stomp

WeaponDamageAPSpecial Rules

Aggressive Herbivore (400 Credits)

In a world of large carnivores, it pays to be well-armoured with a foul attitude if you just eat plants. Dinosaurs such as the Triceratops evolved with armour-plating and some useful weaponry to keep predators away. These defences work well in Mega-City One.

MoveAgilityShootMeleeMelee DiceWillArmourHits
Aggressive Herbivore8”-2-+43D-+816
Type: Illegal Minion Equipment: Horns

WeaponDamageAPSpecial Rules
Horns3-6Parry, Power Shot, Smasher

Dino Rampage
This scenario allows you to bring dinosaurs into your games of Judge Dredd, be they taking place within the city, Cursed Earth or some far off alien moon! One or more dinosaurs has intruded into your force’s territory and must be seen off before it causes too much damage.
You can choose any campaign force to face off against the dinosaurs. You must choose a number of dinosaurs to face, their combined Credits equalling or exceeding that of your force.
Set Up

As with most games of Judge Dredd, aim to get as much terrain on the table as possible – do not make it easy for yourself, or we will bring in flying dinosaurs, and you won’t like that!
Place the dinosaurs in the middle of the table, no more than 6” away from one another. You must then deploy your entire force, at least 12” away from a dinosaur and no more than 18” away.
The dinosaurs have the first Phase of the game.
Special Rules

Dinosaurs are somewhat unpredictable but they rarely have a pleasant attitude. At the start of every dinosaur Phase, roll a die for each dinosaur, apply the listed modifiers and consult the table below to see what they do.

Die RollDinosaur Actions
2 or lessSpooked
8 or moreRampage!

+1 Lost one or more Hits last Turn
-1 Reduced to half of starting Hits
+2 Has Line of Sight to one or more of the force’s models
-2 Is a Large Herbivore
+2 Is a Large Carnivore or Aggressive Herbivore
-1 A Psi Talent was used on it last Turn
-1 Was Confused last Turn
+1 Was Irritated last Turn
-2 If attacked by a Fire weapon

Spooked: The dinosaur sees something it really does not like. It will take two Move actions to move as fast as possible away from the closest model it has Line of Sight to. Failing that, it will move directly away from the closest model.
Confused: The dinosaur tries to figure out where it is. It does not take any actions and will go on Alert Status. It will perform a Melee action against the first enemy model that completes an action within its Move, regardless of whether it has Line of Sight to that model.
Irritated: The dinosaur is getting testy and the slightest provocation may set it off. As it is, it merely follows its instincts, eating whatever is close by or trying to move little creatures off its territory. It will perform two Melee actions this Turn, chasing after the nearest enemy model that is in Line of 
Sight. If no enemy is in Line of Sight, it will instead become Confused.
Rampage!: The dinosaur is angry! It will perform three Melee actions this Turn, chasing after the nearest enemy model that is in Line of Sight. If no enemy model is in Line of Sight, it will simply go after the nearest enemy model.


You gain victory if you manage to destroy the dinosaurs or get them to run off the battlefield. Any other result is a loss and you must try to patch up your force after the dinosaurs have run through it!

I can't imply how exited I am to paint some dinosaurs. I already have some lizardmen Warhammer monsters that I feel would be cool representations of some Cursed Earth Dinosaurs. So watch this space.

Have you tried this mission? Are you play Dredd at all, drop me a comment below.

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