Comic Review 25 // IDW Judge Dredd Funko Universe

Welcome to the next comic review. Unsurprisingly it is Judge Dredd related, but instead of the safe and friendly world of 2000AD we are entering the American market and a comic Published by IDW. This comic already scares me because it is also based in the world of Funko's. Yep Funko the collectible statues of movies, games, books, made from plastic with giant heads. This is going to be interesting.

Publisher: IDW
Title: Judge Dredd Funko Universe (One Shot)
Writer: John Layman.
Artists: Francesco Gaston and Troy Little.
Pages: 35

The Cover displays a funko style Dredd in red, across his visor we see Mega City One burning. The style is lacking detail and already I'm filling with dread over what the story will be like.

Story: Crim Story
Overview: Funko Dredd faces off against a Cursed Earth Mutant, whilst a Cambot narrates the whole thing.
Opinion: Annoying. It didn't do justice to the city the population or Judge Dredd. The artwork was childish at best and annoying at worst. Complete let down.

Story: All Pupped Up
Overview: An old lady has lost her dog and it is up to Dredd to find it. Maybe the dog is in the Cursed Earth Botanical Exhibit.
Opinion: Wow it got worse! Firstly pets aren't allowed in MC-1, there also is no central park ever mentioned and when the Lawgiver fired Weed Killer I wanted to die. This is seriously disappointing.

Story: Matters of Life & Death
Overview: Zombie Funko's are invading MC-1. Can Judge Dredd and Anderson save the day?
Opinion: Had a better plot if I want to be kind. Unfortunately the ending was amazingly week and pointless. I love the Dark Judges and want this comic did to them is amazingly mean and cruel.

Final thoughts: Do not buy, do support this, save your money and buy the real comic. This was a disaster, for this alone IDW should lose the rights to the Dreddverse all together. This is a shameful money grab to get the Funko collectors. I'm truly disappointed.

Leave a comment if you have an opinion. Sorry you had to read and see this review.
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