Book Review 17 // The Unforgiven by Gav Thorpe (Legacy of Caliban Part Three)

Welcome to the final part of the Legacy of Caliban series. If you haven't read the earlier reviews please do- Part One & Part Two. For those not in the know, I am attempting to improve on my Books of 2017. Last year I challenged myself to a book a month and managed to just complete it. This year I am upping the twelve book total to eighteen. This will hopefully improve my reading ability (dyslexia sucks), but will ultimately give me a reason to blog even more!

So my first book of 2018 was completed fourteen days into 2018, whilst the the second book was completed twenty five days in. It continues the trilogy of Legacy of Caliban by Gav Thorpe and follows a group of Dark Angels through three novel and a few short stories. For this review we will be going over All Must End, Accept No Failure and The Unforgiven so let's jump in:

All Must End

Page Count: 26
Overview: This tale follows on from Master of Sanctity and delves deeper into a scene from the tale. For this short story we follow the events of Dark Angels Librarian Harahel as he attempts to take a spirit walk through the warp that will endanger his very soul. Though he is protected by wards and sigils Harahel risks everything to discover the fallen. But can he come back from this in one piece.

Great quick tale that shows how much the Dark Angels are willing to risk in order to protect their shame.

Accept No Failure

Page Count: 20
Overview:  For this tale we head back to Piscina IV as the main bulk of the Dark Angel forces wage war. During this tale we follow Deathwing Captain Belial as he relives his failures of the first time the Dark Angels and greenskins clashed on this world. This short story links the actions of Purging of Kadillus and unfolding of Master of Sanctity. The re-enactment of the duel between Belial and Ghazghkull is the highlight of this story and worth reading purely for that.

The Unforgiven

Page Count: 235
Overview: The final tale of the trilogy. With the thrice cursed Cypher in the Cells, it is up to the inner circle to decide the next course of action. Will they listen to the traitor and risk it all or should they ignore the warnings and hope it is all lies. Though filled with twists and a good plot, it felt rushed and could have been filled out in a more fulfilling and satisfying way.

Highlights for me include:

Ending of the Annael and Telemenus storylines- Telemenus' was a great ending.

Typhus finally appearing though rushed was still an exciting moment.

Cypher- how does he always escape?

The Watchers in the Dark what are these creepy little monsters.

Luther in a Cell- What the hell dudes! You are keeping him in statis, bad idea.

The actual ending of the tale. What the heck happen! Feel free to email on this topic as I don't want to post spoilers.


Rushed, every scene seemed rushed. Felt like two books crushed into one.
Merir Astelan. Where the hell did he go? He escapes at the end of book two and is never spoken of again. Seems like a poor way to forget a him.
To much jumping back and forth between characters, it lost a bit to much focus.

Great to have completed the trilogy, but was left a little disappointed by this last tale. I truly hope Gav Thorpe will revisit these characters and flesh out this tale more. Have you read the series? What are your thoughts on it, drop me a comment below.

Now just to resist the urge of an all Ravenwing army....must resist....must resist....must join The Unforgiven...

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