Beer Review 54 // Elaborative -Four- by Hillfarmstead

Today is a bit of a throwback to when I had a Hill Farmstead. Like a lot of the beer I drink, I ultimately take notes, take a picture and forget to blog about it. This has lead to me having quite a backlog of beers that would seem dated to post about. But some beers like Hill Farmstead have to be blogged about, otherwise that is just a huge injustice. So today's post is one such beer, enjoyed with good company in Montreal. Here are my notes.


Name: Elaborative Four
Style: Radler/Shandy
Brewery: Hill Farmstead (collaboration with Crooked Stave & Jackie O')
Country: Vermont, USA.
Price: Unrecorded- 500ml Bottle
ABV: 3.2% (it is a Radler)

Commercial Fluff:
3% abv Radler brewed with the Elaborative gang (Brad ’Jackie O’s’ and Chad ’Crooked Stave’) and Cory King.

Own Opinion

Sight: A pale yellow body and white foamy head. Looks inviting and refreshing.
Aroma: Straight away the citrus is there, lemon being the main aroma. This is backed up some oaky brett aromas before a slight wheaty smell appears. Definitely citrus from this (underlined citrus).
Taste: Lemon on the front end of this, but quite dry and tart at the same time. It is very drinkable and glasses quickly emptied.
Would I buy it again? Truthfully no. I'm not sure I would say it was a refreshing beer as I would want from a radler, as the dryness has you reaching for more. It was fun and interesting at the time but for the price tag I think would rather sample something else.

What are your thoughts on this beer or this brewery? Let me know in the comments.

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