Sector 102 // JDMG Rolling thunder Mission

Welcome Dredd-heads to another Sector 102 update. So far we have looked at the rule book, special rules and fluff. But now it's time for a mission. The mission below first appeared on the mongoose publishing website, but was later released as apart of 'Blood on the Streets' supplement. I can't see any harm in sharing this as it can be easily found on the internet. So have a read, enjoy and let me know if you've played it.

Rolling Thunder

What happens when food runs short......

Whenever a major disaster strikes Mega-City One, its after effects are felt for weeks, months, even years afterwards. When the infrastructure of the city breaks down, the supply and distribution of food is always affected in one sector or another. As the old saying goes, anarchy is just three missed meals away and the appetite of fatties rarely lasts that long!

When word gets out that a food distribution point has had a delivery, the typical citizen of Mega-City One will not wait his turn, and a riot is guaranteed, spearheaded by the fatties, the hungriest citizens of all.


The following forces are used in this Justice Department mission.
Justice Department:
Six- Level 1 Street Judges. They may swap the lawgiver with Scatter Guns. 

Optional: Two Street Judges may be swapped out for a Rookie Judge and a Riot Judge.

Rioting Citizens:
Six- Level 1 Fatties. They do not have any weapons or equipment.

Twelve- Punk Minions in his force (a.k.a hungry citizens), each with up to 10 Credits worth of equipment, weapons and armour.


Place a food distribution building on one short table edge, then place a barricade in front of it, 12” from the same table edge. Each barricade section should be between 3-5” long.

The Justice Department player then deploys all his models anywhere behind the barricade. The Rioting Citizens player then deploys all his models at least 24” away from the barricade.

The Rioting Citizens player takes the first phase of the game.

Special Rules

This is a full blown riot, and the citizens have been warned! Judges do not need to attempt to arrest the rioting citizens or fatties. This is just as well, as they are so crazed with hunger, they automatically ignore any attempts to arrest them.

If a Fattie uses the Belliwheel rule on page 61 of the main rulebook while moving into contact with a barricade, make a Melee check. If the Fattie succeeds, he has flattened that section of the barricade – remove it immediately. The Fattie may then continue with any remaining movement.

Once word gets out that food is at the distribution point, more citizens will come flooding in. When a Punk is removed from play, the Rioting Citizens player may place him back on the table at the start of any subsequent Turn. He may be placed on either long table edge, so long as he is within 12” of a Fattie.

The Fatties are hungry and will not hang around! A Fattie must always perform at least one Move action every Turn, and must be moved as close as it can get to the food distribution point as possible during this action. A Fattie may not, at any time, be moved further away from the food distribution point.

Victory Conditions
At the end of each Turn, the Rioting Citizen player should count how many of his models are in contact with the food distribution point building that are also more than 2” away from the closest Judge. Each Punk in contact with the building will gain the Rioting Citizen player 1 Food Point per Turn, while a Fattie earns 2 Food Points.

If the Rioting Citizen player accrues 15 Food Points, he wins!

The Justice Department player wins if he manages to remove all Fatties from the table before the Rioting Citizen player gains 15 Food Points. 


This Justice Department mission can be replayed with the following changes, giving you a new battle each time:

It is not always up to the Justice Department to defend food distribution points. Manpower shortages may mean this duty is left to the Citi-Def. Ever seen what a high-explosive missile can do to a Fattie? Six Citi-Def Soldiers should be enough, if two of them are given heavy weapons…

If they are available, the Judges often use Electro-Cordons to fence in rioters. Drop a Street Judge and bring in up to four Electro-Cordons, placing them up to 6” away from the barricade to make another obstacle for the rioters.

In times of desperation, the Justice Department may be forced to deploy whatever forces are to hand at the food distribution point. Drop two Street Judges and take up to 300 Credits worth of Mercenaries instead. Just enough to squeeze a Mk I Mechanismo unit in…

Food riots do not just take place in Mega-City One. Try this mission again with Brit-Cit or East Meg Judges as defenders.

So there you go. I would love to hear if you have played this mission or better let if you are a Judge
Dredd fan. So drop me comment either on here or Google+

Thanks for reading.

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