Meg Review 206 // 2000 AD Judge Dredd Megazine 206

Welcome back in time to June 3rd 2003, 2000 AD Judge Dredd Megazine 206 has just hit the shelf. The cover is bold and colourful, with bright yellow. The image is Devlin Waugh dressed in his sailor outfit knuckle up, ready to fight. Claws reaching out for him! Overall great cover by Colin MacNeil entitled 'Gaze into the fist of Dev!'. So let us jump in:

Story: Monkey on my Back Part 3- The final part of this interesting story set when Dredd was younger. Now that Dredd and Chambers know the truth they are headed back to kill Monkey and release Chief Judge Goodman from it's control. But they better hurry as the city is quickly becoming overrun by Mutants.
Highlight: Seeing the SJS fully pledging support to Deputy Judge Cal, planting the seeds to him wanting to remove Goodman permanently

Story: Apocalypse Soon (Part 3)- So far we have met the four horseman and the horses. In this one page strip the horsemen finally get the sign to start the apocalypse, but as they leave the bar they discover the horses are gone!
Highlight: The artwork is the highlight, the story itself is too short to have a highlight but Shaun Thomas' artwork is just beautiful.

Story: Young Middenface (Part 4)- Middenface and Bonny Charlie have reached the safe haven of Harris. An island off the coast of Scotland that became independent and a safety zone for Mutants. Middenface starts to almost live a normal life, given a job and also trained to fight. Things are looking good for him, that is until a drone from Scotland arrives.
Highlight: The mutants. God damn it I love a mutant and this strip has loads of them!

Story: Darkie's Mob- The Mob continue to smash their way through the Japanese forces.
Highlight: Fun short tales set during the War, as said many times before it reminds me of the old war comics I read as a child and they bring a smile to my face.

Story: Slaine- Nope, still dislike it so not going to write anything about this. Waste of space in this comic.

Story: Black Siddha Bad Karma (Part 5)- Okay this is starting to drag on too much. Rohan is still unsure of his path and it is really getting annoying. Let's get moving please.
Highlight: Rohan's friends treading further down the path of Darkness, summoning demons to eat the homeless.

Story: Everything Must Go- Exciting an actual short story. Written by David Bishop. Dredd is chasing down a missing person case, when he runs into two Brit-Cit fraud criminals. Just as Dredd is making the arrest he is jumped and knocked out. He awakes to find himself in the undercity amd in the Mall of America.
Highlight: The droids and how they view the store and the manager.

Story: Family (Part 6)- Kurt want Talia to turn on her family, as Silver's killing spree is now causing fatalities in the police force. Of course she flips and leaves Kurt, who is then approached by Silver to be at the docks at midnight. Seems like the story is coming to an explosive conclusion.
Highlight: Silver blowing up a dinner to get Kurt's attention.

Story: Red Tide (Part 5)- Having finally hit the island, Devlin and team realise they are in a world of shit. Soon becoming trapped in a hotel rather than on a boat, looks like Devlin is going to have to fight his way out again.
Highlight: Colin MacNeil's beautiful artwork continues to impress. Whilst the return of Landis makes for a great villainous entrance.

All together another okay comic, worth the price for the highlight strips. Just wish every tale was solid and they really need to let Slaine go. It's getting to the point that I just skip it now which is a real shame. The Dredd and Devlin really are carrying the strips, but with Family ending soon and hopefully Slaine to we may see an increase in better content (Fingers crossed).


Red Tide
Monkey on my Back
Young Middenface
Everything must go

As always thanks for swinging by and until next time....Cheers!

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