Meg Review 205 // 2000 AD Judge Dredd Megazine 205

Welcome back for another Judge Dredd Megazine Review. This time we move onto issue 205. The cover from May 2003 is dominated by my favourite Strontium Dog Character; Middenface. Bare chested and covered in blood I hope this month's new tale actually involves him.

Story: Judge Dredd // Monkey on My Back Part 2: Chief Judge Goodman has been processed by an otherworldly force and it is up to Dredd and Chambers to discover what is up. Only problem is they have to go AWOL into the Cursed Earth!
Highlight: All the muties! I love a good mutant. It's always fun to see the Cursed Earth and even better when it explores the locations around MC-1. Great continuation of the tale.

Story: Apocalypse Soon Part 2: Continuation of the Horsemen of Apocalypse tale that started last meg. This time instead of the Horsemen themselves it is about their horses. A very silly one page tale, absolute filler tale. No highlights.

Story: Young Middenface // Mutopia: Middenface has aided a prison break and is escaping Glasgow with Bonny Charlie. As they travel the land we discover Scotland to be going through a Mutant purge. Not sure what the tale is about or heading too.
Highlight: Mutants! Hang on didn't I already say that? Love mutants and Middenface is among my favourites. Hope this becomes a strong tale.

Story: Darkie's Mob // The World War Two adventures continue as Darkie's rag tag group of soldiers continue their war on the Japanese.
Highlight: As I have said to every entry of Darkies Mob, I enjoy the trip down memory lane of buying 10p war comics from the local newsagents and trying to draw tanks and military men.

Story: Slaine: The painful to read Pat Mills Slaine Tale continues. I just don't like this mix of Sci-fi, fantasy, religion and occultist tripe he is producing. What am I missing? Why don't I get it? Why can't I just enjoy it? It's got fantasy that I like, it's got Cthulhu inspired story and monsters, but it's just too hard to read and enjoy.

Story: Black Siddha // Bad Karma Part 4: Another slow burning Pat Mills tale as the Hero continues to refuse becoming the Black Siddha. We also get the heavy hint that his best friend is to be the main villain of the tale. When it started I was excited for this but it is starting to drag a bit to much.
Highlight:The artwork of Simon Davis continues to impress, whilst the arrivals of the monsters excites me for the next installment.

Story: Family // Part 5: We finally discover who Silver is and why he is going after the Made Men and Family members. I'm still pretty confused about where it is all going. For it faults it is still an intriguing tale with classic Black and White artwork helping it along.
Highlight: Finally finding out about Silver and what made him hate the Family. I can see the story finally speeding up and for shit to hit the fan.

Story: Devlin Waugh // Red Tide Part 4- With the boat swarming with Vampires Devlin has no choice but to finally get dirty with a blade. As all seems hopeful and the group might actually reach the island, a mayday goes out. The holiday resort is now overrun by Vampires!
Highlight: Colin MacNeil's artwork is truly beautiful, really portrays a twilight theme, and Devlin's sharp wit is a highlight of the tale.


So it a bit of a hit and miss issue, out of the eight tales I really enjoyed three- Judge Dredd, Middenface and Devlin Waugh. Then comes Family, Darkies Mob, Apocalypse Soon and Black Siddha are all on the fence differ loving or hating. Whilst Slaine is like having my finger nails pulled out slowly one at a time. I am hoping for some of tales to come to conclusion soon and get back into the Dreddverse more.

As always thanks for reading with me. Please do take the time to follow and comment below as it is great to know others thoughts.


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