Meg 207 // 2000 AD Judge Dredd Megazine 207

Welcome to Meg 207 the overview from 1st July 2003. First of all the cover art is amazing, looking like Mark Harrison was inspired by a 1940's movie poster. The piece is titled Angel of Mercy and the  main feature character is Oola Blint, with the backlit silhouette of Dredd in the doorway. I hope this is a heavy hint at what the new Dredd strip will be about. So with that in mind let us jump in.

Story: Shakedown (Part 1)- Set in the Paradise Heights block Judge Dredd is leading a shakedown to clean house. This involves interrogating 65,000 citizens!
Highlight: So much to love about this strip. 1. Oola Blint- Story is set during her crime spree and it's great to see her character again. 2. The Drug den of Zzizz users who can't bring themselves to flush it. 3. The Fringe a pro-democracy group looking for away to escape and finally 4. A kidnapping that is going poorly for the kidnappers. Ultimately a great strip.

Story: Family (Part 7)- We have finally hit the final strip of the family tale. Gio and Silver the top two members of the family have decided to meet at the harbour, but Odysseus PD are also there. What we get is the final showdown that we have waited for.
Highlight: It's over lol. Pretty big showdown, with most of the villains dead. Can't see this series coming back.

Story: Black Siddha (Part 6)- The hard choices still continue but it seems Rohan is about to become the Black Siddha.
Highlight: The artwork is the true highlight but it's nice to finally see him embracing some of his powers and that the Lords of Karma are starting to force his hand.

Story: Dredd Daily- I don't normally review these as they are so short and silly. But this one is about Licensed Peepers. A justice Department encouraged community watchdog.
Highlight: I like the idea of the bored population of MC-1 spying on each other to make a bit of extra cash and the good old Justice Department reaping the awards.

Story: Slaine Time Killer (Part 19-22)- The pain finally comes to an end, this tale is over. So let us move on!
Highlight: It's finally over let's move on and never mention this tale again.

Story: Darkie's Mob (Parts 22-26)- The adventures continue in the jungle as Darkie and his boys discover a flyboy who is in trouble.
Highlight: The final strip this month leaves Darkie's Mob of ten on a hill surrounded by a thousand Japanese soldiers. Could this be the end of this rag tag badass group?

Story: Rat Town- Written by Jonathan Clements and Illustrations by Adrian Salmon. Newly full eagled Judge Hotchkiss is having a bad start. First day on the streets but she already has to deal with a bank robbery and a hostage taking. To make matters worst, Dredd is taking over and who the hell is Judge X?
Highlight: Judge X, an unmarked Judge. Blank Badge and respirator down to hide the face. A member of Wally squad who deals with the street Judges. Love the idea of this character and want to model one for my games.

Story: Apocalypse Soon- So God has started the next Apocalypse, but the horsemen are currently horseless! A silly one page tale of beautiful artwork.
Highlight: The war posters make me laugh, all Iraq themed with goofy images of Tony Blair and George Bush.

Story: Young Middenface Mutopia (Part 3)- Sadly this is the last installment and it makes me sad. After jumping on board a drone and going over a cliff it seemed Middenface was done for. Lucky for him he crashed on a ledge. Soon the mutants repair the drone and set it up to return to the source, killing the spying Scots. Unfortunately this happens on a Sunday aka the Sabbath, so when the ruler of the Isle of Harris finds out he exiles the group and the story finishes with the group sailing into the sunset.
Highlight: The mutants a true highlight of this strip. Love it and can't wait to see more of them soon.

Story: Devlin Waugh Red Tide- Lilith Karnstein has been freed and is kicking some ass finally and to make it better they have stumbled across a warfare museum!
Highlight: Devlin now has a samurai sword! Better watch out Vamps.

And with Devlin this tale the megazine comes to an end. This issue had a lot more positives than negatives this time around which makes me happy. Also Family and Slaine have come to an end which is great news. Can't wait to see what replaces them, I just hope it's a more Dreddverse centred tales.


Megazine Highlights
  • Dredd Shakedown- Mega City Life at it's finest.
  • Darkie's Mob- Things are getting really dark and possibly coming to an end.
  • Rat Town- Good look at how different Justice Departments act with one another
  • Young Middenface- Mutants!!
  • Devlin Waugh- Lilith Karnstein is a badass.
Megazine Lowlight
  • Family- Finally this has come to a conclusion, dragged out to much.
  • Slaine- Yawn
As always thanks for the trip down memory lane.

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