Craftworld Iyanden 13 // 8th Edition Iyanden Codex Review

Welcome fellow Aeldari. Here comes a new section on rules and tactics I personally plan on making use of. First up this won't be an all encompassing review of every rule or entry, it will instead focus on Iyanden (my true love) and how it will effect me and my army selfish I know. Then when I add a painted unit I can do a unit by unit review. So let us crack open Codex: Craftworlds.

This first review will cover Iyanden Craftworld/Army rules and warlord traits.

So let us get into the good stuff:

Battle Wide Rules

Ancient Doom: Re-roll hit rolls in the fight phase if you charge or are charged by Slaanesh units, but also must add 1 to morale checks if within 3″ of them.

This sort of rule has been around forever for Eldar in some form or another. It's a fluffy rule that hardly gets any use but fun on the rare times you get to use it.

Battle Focus: Units with this rule can move and advance but shoot any weapons apart from Heavy as if they had not moved.

Fun rule, makes most foot troops that extra bit faster. If using a guardian heavy list make sure to take the Shuriken Cannon.

The Path of Command: Autarchs have a re-roll for 1's aura for friendly <Craftworld> units within 6″ and if the Autarch is your Warlord and on the table, each time you spend a CP on the roll of a 6 you do not lose it.

Great area effect bubble, I can see me using an Autarch on foot in the back field helping out some long range weapons (eg Fire Prisms), whilst a Deepstriking Autarch will make sure any attacking units are that extra bit deadly.

The Path of War: In a battle-forged Craftworlds Detachment, all Troops gain Objective Secured. Phoenix Lords can be taken and not lose these benefits.

Pretty standard ruling now on the Objective Secured and the Phoenix Lord bit is cool but I don't use those characters so it's not something for me to worry about.

Generic Warlord Traits

We have some pretty cool traits now open to us. If you are using a named character you must use the trait associated with their Craftworld or if it's a non named hero they can choose either the Craftworld trait or one of the generic traits for eldar.

Generic Traits

Ambush of Blades: Hit rolls of 6+ in the fight phase for friendly <Craftworlds> units within 6″ the Warlord increase the ap of that attack by -1.

Fun rule for a close combat focused army. Would be cool for Striking Scorpions, Howling Banshees and Shining Spears.

An Eye on Distant Events: Enemy units may not fire Overwatch at your Warlord.

An aggressive Warlord trait, charge in first with the Warlord to cock block overwatch and just hope the support makes it in too!

Falcon’s Swiftness: +2 to your Warlord’s Move characteristic.

Not a huge fan of this one. Maybe on a Farseer it can make sure you get where you are going for support powers. Or on a Wraithseer for a similar reason. Pretty low on my choice.

Fate’s Messenger: Your Warlord gains +1 to wound and a 6+ FnP.

This is a nice upgrade not to crazy, to could see me putting it on a Farseer or possibly on my Wraithseer.

Mark of the Incomparable Hunter: Your Warlord can target enemy Characters even if they are not the closest model.

This was a better power when the Autarch's could take reaper launchers, now it just seems weak.

Seer of the Shifting Vectors: Once per Battle Round, your Warlord can reroll a single hit roll, wound roll, save roll, Psychic test or Deny the Witch test made for your Warlord.

A pretty solid upgrade if taken on psyker. Just need to remember you have it.

Iyanden Craftworld Warlord Trait

Enduring Resolve: Iyanden Warlord Trait, allows your Warlord to Deny the Witch or if they already can, to Deny another power.

This will be my trait of choice as I'm going full Iyanden. The hardest part is picking who will be the Warlord. Choice one a Farseer, nothing wrong with that the upgrade would give them the ability to deny three powers a turn, whilst if I make an Autarch my Warlord I could be causing havoc with that deny roll as my Warlord surges forwards. I think it will ultimately come down to who I have as a HQ, anytime Yriel is down he must have it!

Iyanden Craftworld Army  Trait

Stoic Endurance: units with this ability never lose more than a single model from a failed Morale check, and double the number of wounds remaining for determining which profile they use in the instance they have a degrading profile.

This is an amazing trait but also a strange one, it basically allows you to run larger units without any fear of morale tests. Guardians especially love this as you can take full sized units with impunity, but also full strength units of Aspect Warriors too, take very good advantage of this boost. And, obviously, any vehicle heavy or Wraithlord/knight Construct heavy army. I find it a weird choice as you will start seeing 20 man blobs of Guardians appearing which is strange for a craftworld that lacks any population. I know I want to take advantage of it. I'm thinking 20 Defenders Webway striking with 40 shuriken shots, throw in a deep striking Autarch for reroll 1's and you will be putting out a lot of damage.


So how will this affect my army? Well in truth not much. I plan on fielding Yriel in 90% of my games as I want to represent the Eldritch Raiders and their allies (Harlies, Ynnari, Dark Kin & Corsairs). Which means as far as Warlord traits go I have to take Enduring Resolve which is fine, I like being able to deny powers. Then as I'm Iyanden I have to take the Stoic Defense, so guess what 20 guardian blob units are on their way, of both varieties! I do plan on fielding and building a lot of Wraithlords thanks to the doubling of the wound ability and then of course waveserpents to finish everything off.
I hear/read a lot of chatter about Alaitoc and the minus one to hit but truth be told I prefer a waveserpent that doesn't downgrade until it is on three wounds, same with a Wraithlord. So expect aggressive in your face armies appearing on this blog some.

Next review will be stratagems so check back soon.

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