Craftworld Iyanden 11 // Lord-Phoenix Deathspinner- Wraithseer

Welcome back for another Iyanden army update. This time I am focusing on a HQ unit for my army and what better says Iyanden than a Wraith unit! So looking inside Imperial Armour-Xenos I came across the Wraithseer rules and knew I wanted one. Problem is I didn't want to pay Forgeworld prices so I tried my hand at a conversion. For those who don't know Wraithseers are the Psyker versions of Wraithlord. The minimum equipment needed for a Wraithseer is a Ghostspear and a Wraithcannon.
So away I went and here is my results. The Ghostspear is made from a brightlance, the falcon under hull sensor and the blade from a Talos. Whilst the Wraithcannon comes from some leftover bits. Introducing Lord-Phoenix Deathspinner.

Highlights of this unit are it's wraithcannon, just like the wraithguard he will be joining. He has a 3+ Save and 5+ Invulnerable and toughness 7 so is pretty resistant. Then finally it can attempt to manifest one power and deny one power a turn. Downside is he has only three set powers, none of which are smite. The first power is Enliven: basically making another wraith unit move faster, the second is Foreboding: the ability to harm LD values and thirdly Deliverance: basically 6+ FNP. I can see myself using the second and third powers.

Wraithseer Lord-Phoenix Deathspinner

Power Level: 10
Points: 167

Noticeable Actions


Have you used one? If so how did it go?

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