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Eldar Ship Classes of Warhammer 40,000

Well on my adventures of chasing down Eldar words, I discovered the motherload via Battlefleet Gothic. So here is my collection of known Eldar ships of the 40K universe. If you have discovered more please let me know in the comments below.

Aconite: They are armoured with an advanced laser Weapons Battery and their speed allows them to circle enemy capital ships and attack them from behind, away from their main defensive weapons systems. They usually operate in groups of three or four ships and can lay down fire equal to that of a battleship's broadside.

Notable Ships:

Bloodied Knife - Voidlarks
Stings of Eternity - Unknown
Siren Cry - Unknown

Aurora: The Aurora Class is a class of Eldar light cruiser. Little is known about the cruiser other than it has the normal characteristics of an Eldar vessel, light armour, Holofields, high speed and heavy weaponry. It is said to have the speed of an escort but the weapons of a cruiser.

Notable Ships:

Dragon's Claw - Voidlarks
Stormchaser- Active during the Gothic War
Windrunner- Active during the Gothic War
Mansbane - Amharoc Corsair Craft

Cloudcutter: A short-range web way capable ship for atmospheric landings. These light, short-range craft are armed with star cannons.

Beautiful Fury - 

Corvette Ship: A planet based ship, luxury style ship for ruling elite

Starwander - Saim-Hann

Darkstar Fighter: They are highly advanced, using technology to provide them with great agility and speed, using some form of inertia-dampener which allows them to turn on the spot. They run on crystal power generators which allows them to operate for longer periods than many other more conventional engine forms used by other races

DragonshipCruiser class. It is not a specific design like most other named vessel classes, but rather is a generic name for Eldar vessels of a larger size. The vessels under the name Dragonship have a similar armament and adhere to the same tactics but can be varied within these classes

Notable Ships:
Flame of Asuryan - Prince Yriel's Flagship
Lanathrialle - Corsair Flagship - Sword of Winters Vengeance. Amharoc Corsairs - Yvraines ex ship now destroyed.
Light in the Infinite Darkness - Unknown
Pride of Haladesh - Iyanna's ship.
Tarava - House Dathelith

EclipseThe Eclipse-class Cruiser is a class of Eldar Cruiser that is one of the most effective Attack Craft carriers in the entire Gothic Sector thanks in large part to the quickness and agility that is common to all Eldar craft.

Notable Ships:

Asuryan's Chosen- Active during the Gothic War
Eliarenath's Gift- Active during the Gothic War
The Harrier - Voidlarks Prince Farasis Cruiser.
Silent Warrior- Was one of the most well-known Eldar pirate ships of the Gothic Sector.
Stardeath- Active in the Gothic Sector before and during the Gothic War. It was one of the deadliest and most notorious ships of its class.

Eagle Bomber: It carries a modified holo field generator to protect it from enemy sensors which distorts the image of the bomber at close range, as well as sonic charges which can blast through the thickest armour. Its targeting systems allow pinpoint accuracy and coupled with the difficulty in hitting them, the Eagle is one of the best bombers in the galaxy

Ghostships: Ghostship does not refer to a particular class of vessel per se, but rather to those Eldar ships whose crews have dwindled over the years to the point where they must be bolstered by Spirit stones. In some cases, a Ghostship will lack living crew altogether, instead of controlled entirely by Spirit stones, often those of its original crew. The presence of these Spirit stones brings a strange sort of sentience to the living wraithbone core from which Eldar ships are built. When combined with a Ghostship's typically tiny crew, this can make Ghostships relatively difficult to damage. Ghostships are not without their problems, however. The same issues that plague Wraithguard and Wraithlords are present in Ghostships to such a degree that a Spiritseer is all but required to guide the ancient spirits that control the ship. The very use of the Spirit stones of long-dead Eldar is also considered abhorrent to the Eldar, and as such, they are only used in times of dire need, as is the case with Craftworld Iyanden.

Haven Spire: Haven Spires are home to many Eldar Outcasts, a number of which become corsairs. A Haven Spire is a base from which these Eldar launch their raids and is just one of the identified structures used by the Eldar. They are distinctively Eldar with large solar sails for capturing solar energy and are usually buried deep within asteroid fields or nebulae and have formidable weaponry as well as the corsair fleet. The Imperium is keen to destroy any Haven Spires they come across in the hopes of stopping the pirate activity.

Hellebore: It is the embodiment of Eldar's ideas and technology in that it is a good, all-round vessel that can match the payload of an Imperial light cruiser while maintaining the speed and agility of an escort. They excel at ambushes as their torpedoes can scatter vessels and then their Pulsar Lances and Weapons Battery can take over to destroy stragglers.

Notable Ships:

Black Razor - Voidlarks
Solami - Voidlarks
Nuolta - Voidlarks
Children of Moech-
Star Serpents-

Hemlock: It is a very simple design, consisting of a powerful Pulsar Lance and an engine, and little else. It is more of a flying gun than a ship proper. It is likely that the crew numbers are small, the interior power requirements for maintaining an atmosphere would take so much energy as to prevent the use of the warp drive or main weaponry. This makes them easy prey for boarding actions

Notable Ships:

Aaveen -
Devils of the Stars-
Furious Angels-
Seadragon - Voidlark

Irdiris- Fast Ship.

Naiad: Titan Carrier Class Ship.

Notable Ships:

Vail's Caress- Battle of Valedor

Nightshade Class Destroyer:
It is extremely fast and designed to deploy ordnance close to the enemy before retreating. When coupled with the highly destructive torpedoes used by the Eldar (including neutron or vortex warheads), the Nightshade is basically a weapon which can strike anywhere quickly and at will.

Notable Ships:

Blades of V'enna-
Storm of Khaine-

Flashing Death-

Scout Ships

Vermillion Errant
Shadow: A medium class ship with notably large lower wings which denotes an Eldar ship of this class.

Notable Ships:

Black Star- Commanded by Conanmaol of the Executioners Corsair band during the Gothic War.
Bright Claw- Active during the Gothic War
Celestial KingActive during the Gothic War
Child of KhaineActive during the Gothic War
Chariot of MathurirActive during the Gothic War
Fhianna Rethol- Active during the Gothic War and captured intact after a devastating torpedo attack.
Legacy of Eldanesh- Fought against the Necrons, part of the Alaitoc Fleet.
Shadowblade- Lannanaris' fleet.

Shadowhunter Class Escort: They are the smallest vessels used by Iyanden Craftworld and are likely the smallest in the fleet. They often operate in vast numbers and sit close to the Craftworld itself. They act as patrol vessels and also guide other vessels into the Craftworld but can also operate at a distance that larger vessels would find dangerous when a close defence is necessary.
Anino - House Dathelith

Solaris: A class of Eldar light cruiser. Unfortunately for many captains, it is easily mistaken for the Aurora class and this has led to many tactical mistakes. It has the typical large solar sail at the rear.

Notable Ships:

Swift River: Corsair Ship - Captain Answea, Pilot Arathuin, Navigators - Kadoreth, Telekandor, Artuis.
White Lion- Part of Lannanaris' fleet.
Void Serpent- Active during the Gothic War

Transport Ship

Dawnsail: Ulthwe Ship

Void DragonTrader style Vessel similar in design to the Dragonships.

Notable Ships:

Joyous Venture- Carried Asuryan.
Lacontiran- A trading Schooner.

Void Runner: Similar to a venom used to traverse a Craftworld.

Notable Ships:
Imbriel's Embrace - Iyanden.

Voidstalker: The Void Stalker is one of the largest Eldar space vessels after the Craftworld. It represents the pinnacle of Eldar technology

Notable Ships:

Auspicious Illumination of Eternity- Flagship of Iyanden destroyed in action against Hive Fleet Naga.
Baricos - Silar Dathelith's Flagship Iyanden.
Blood of Khaine - Captured by Imperial Fist and later destroyed by Iyanden.
Brightstar - Flagship of the Executioners corsair band, was seen throughout the Gothic Sector and concentrated heavily on the Lysades sub-sector.
Forge of Vaul - Gothic War vessel
Manticore - Lannanaris' Flagship.
The misery of Platea -Attacked the Orks of the Cyclops Cluster and was often seen bombarding Ork positions on planets alongside Imperial forces. Rumours abound that the ship was destroyed after single-handedly attempting to destroy a Space Hulk.
Ynnead's Dream - Battleship of Ynnead's followers.


Eltereth - Nuadhu's personal webrunner

Wraithships: Formed out of pure wraithbone drawn from the warp. The core is forged out of this material and into it is connected all the systems of the ship as well as being psychically attuned to the frequencies used by the Eldar. This psychic connection allows instant communication and turns the ship almost into a living being in its own right.

Notable Ships:

Wraithborne - A squadron of Wraithships crewed House Valdor.
Helwyr - A squadron of Wraithships from House Dathelith

Unknown Ship Classes

Stardance: Harlequin Ship

Phoenix Lord Ship

Storm Lance: Asurmens ship. Pleasure yacht

Corsair Ship Names - Class of Ship Unknown.

The Fae Taruth - Capital Ship of the Azure Flame corsairs
Last paradise of Vel
Lucid Wavewalker
Princess of Gold
Wayward Niece
Wind-borne Wanderer

Dark Eldar Ship Names

Glowing Pain:
Daggerwraith: Kabal of the Barbed Eye

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