Beer Review 42 // Tales from the Patch by Big Rig

I know, I know, pumpkin season and halloween has come gone, but let us just squeeze one more pumpkin beer into 2017 before I call it quits for this year. Hailing for the Ottawa region Big Rig is one of the bigger players in the area, boosting a couple of restaurants (one is a brewpub) and a Brewery Taproom. I've been lucky enough to visit each location and have always had a great time, highly recommend visiting them.

For this review we will be reviewing one of their seasonal beers. The main reason being I wanted the can for my shelf, it's so frigging cool.


Name: Tales from the Patch

Style: Pumpkin Porter

Big Rig

Country: Ontario, Canada

Price: $2.95 CAD 473ml Can

ABV: 5.8%

Commercial Fluff
"We went to great lengths to bring you this killer autumn treat. Pumpkins were handpicked by our brew team from the depths of the path. A cornucopia of spices were added to them before roasting and then the sweet flesh—along with creamy milk sugar—went into this chocolate-hued porter. It’s like homemade pumpkin pie with whipped cream. But better, because it’s beer."

Own Opinion

Bottle Art: Amazing it was the sole purpose for buying this beer. Just wish they would but it on a t-shirt or a cap.

Sight: Pours a cola colour, dark brown but clear. The head is a fizzy mocha brown colour. This truly looks like I've pour myself a cola.

Aroma: Sweet. Straight away there is a vanilla scent, some of the classic pumpkin spice notes and candy sugar going on. I'm stuck on Cola but this smells like a vanilla coke.

Taste: Very sweet with vanilla being the dominant flavour. Quite thin on the mouthfeel, which isn't bad as it could have been sticky sweet. Downside just a solid one note of sweetness.

Would I buy it again? Not till next year! It's one of those beers that you buy because of the season and then regret the purchase. It's just way too sweet. It has fallen into the trap of actually forgetting about the pumpkin and the style it is meant to represent. Call it a Pumpkin, milkshake and it would meet the brief perfectly. Sorry Big Rig bit of a miss on this one.

Have any of you guys tried it? Drop me a comment below to let me know.

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