Beer Review 50 // Funkier Pumpkin by Boulevard Brewing

I know, I know, I'm late to the party but whilst visiting a local LCBO I stumbled across a bottle of this and it peaked my interest. Not going to lie the price tag was a bit more than I expected but I was willing to pay it as my wife was also intrigued. So let us jump in and see how we go.


Name: Funkier Pumpkin

Style: Spiced Sour with Brett

Brewery: Boulevard Brewing Company

Country: USA, Kansas City

Price: $15.50 CAD

ABV: 8.5%

Commercial Fluff
"Pouring a glowing orange/copper color, Funkier Pumpkin leaps from the glass with a rich, pumpkin spice aroma punctuated by funky, forest floor notes from the brettanomyces, a wild yeast strain known for imparting unique flavors and aromas. With an effervescent mouthfeel thanks to spritzy carbonation, the flavor of Funkier Pumpkin features a balanced array of pumpkin pie spices including nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger and allspice. No single spice dominates before giving way to a slight pumpkin flavor that transitions into pleasant, refreshing tartness; a slight warming finish from the cinnamon and ABV and a touch of toasty, toffee-like sweetness from caramel malt."

Own Opinion

Bottle Art: Pretty standard, looks a bit like a pothead had come with the design but it's fine.

Sight: A light orange or darker gold colour. The beer is lively and pours a super nice crisp head.

Aroma: Tangy, with a big hit pumpkin pie coming from it. Tasted the nutmeg, the cinnamon and the ginger. Smells pretty nice ready to get into this.

Taste: Some sour elements and hints of pumpkin pie spice. Doesn't seem that sour at all the brett just seems to enhance the pumpkin flavours.

Would I buy it again? Nah. It was a good beer and I enjoyed it but I feel one is enough, especially with that price tag. Good for sharing and went down well with our dinner, but that is enough for me.

Have you had it? What did you think? Drop me your thoughts.


Craftworld Iyanden 13 // 8th Edition Iyanden Codex Review

Welcome fellow Aeldari. Here comes a new section on rules and tactics I personally plan on making use of. First up this won't be an all encompassing review of every rule or entry, it will instead focus on Iyanden (my true love) and how it will effect me and my army selfish I know. Then when I add a painted unit I can do a unit by unit review. So let us crack open Codex: Craftworlds.

This first review will cover Iyanden Craftworld/Army rules and warlord traits.

So let us get into the good stuff:

Battle Wide Rules

Ancient Doom: Re-roll hit rolls in the fight phase if you charge or are charged by Slaanesh units, but also must add 1 to morale checks if within 3″ of them.

This sort of rule has been around forever for Eldar in some form or another. It's a fluffy rule that hardly gets any use but fun on the rare times you get to use it.

Battle Focus: Units with this rule can move and advance but shoot any weapons apart from Heavy as if they had not moved.

Fun rule, makes most foot troops that extra bit faster. If using a guardian heavy list make sure to take the Shuriken Cannon.

The Path of Command: Autarchs have a re-roll for 1's aura for friendly <Craftworld> units within 6″ and if the Autarch is your Warlord and on the table, each time you spend a CP on the roll of a 6 you do not lose it.

Great area effect bubble, I can see me using an Autarch on foot in the back field helping out some long range weapons (eg Fire Prisms), whilst a Deepstriking Autarch will make sure any attacking units are that extra bit deadly.

The Path of War: In a battle-forged Craftworlds Detachment, all Troops gain Objective Secured. Phoenix Lords can be taken and not lose these benefits.

Pretty standard ruling now on the Objective Secured and the Phoenix Lord bit is cool but I don't use those characters so it's not something for me to worry about.

Generic Warlord Traits

We have some pretty cool traits now open to us. If you are using a named character you must use the trait associated with their Craftworld or if it's a non named hero they can choose either the Craftworld trait or one of the generic traits for eldar.

Generic Traits

Ambush of Blades: Hit rolls of 6+ in the fight phase for friendly <Craftworlds> units within 6″ the Warlord increase the ap of that attack by -1.

Fun rule for a close combat focused army. Would be cool for Striking Scorpions, Howling Banshees and Shining Spears.

An Eye on Distant Events: Enemy units may not fire Overwatch at your Warlord.

An aggressive Warlord trait, charge in first with the Warlord to cock block overwatch and just hope the support makes it in too!

Falcon’s Swiftness: +2 to your Warlord’s Move characteristic.

Not a huge fan of this one. Maybe on a Farseer it can make sure you get where you are going for support powers. Or on a Wraithseer for a similar reason. Pretty low on my choice.

Fate’s Messenger: Your Warlord gains +1 to wound and a 6+ FnP.

This is a nice upgrade not to crazy, to could see me putting it on a Farseer or possibly on my Wraithseer.

Mark of the Incomparable Hunter: Your Warlord can target enemy Characters even if they are not the closest model.

This was a better power when the Autarch's could take reaper launchers, now it just seems weak.

Seer of the Shifting Vectors: Once per Battle Round, your Warlord can reroll a single hit roll, wound roll, save roll, Psychic test or Deny the Witch test made for your Warlord.

A pretty solid upgrade if taken on psyker. Just need to remember you have it.

Iyanden Craftworld Warlord Trait

Enduring Resolve: Iyanden Warlord Trait, allows your Warlord to Deny the Witch or if they already can, to Deny another power.

This will be my trait of choice as I'm going full Iyanden. The hardest part is picking who will be the Warlord. Choice one a Farseer, nothing wrong with that the upgrade would give them the ability to deny three powers a turn, whilst if I make an Autarch my Warlord I could be causing havoc with that deny roll as my Warlord surges forwards. I think it will ultimately come down to who I have as a HQ, anytime Yriel is down he must have it!

Iyanden Craftworld Army  Trait

Stoic Endurance: units with this ability never lose more than a single model from a failed Morale check, and double the number of wounds remaining for determining which profile they use in the instance they have a degrading profile.

This is an amazing trait but also a strange one, it basically allows you to run larger units without any fear of morale tests. Guardians especially love this as you can take full sized units with impunity, but also full strength units of Aspect Warriors too, take very good advantage of this boost. And, obviously, any vehicle heavy or Wraithlord/knight Construct heavy army. I find it a weird choice as you will start seeing 20 man blobs of Guardians appearing which is strange for a craftworld that lacks any population. I know I want to take advantage of it. I'm thinking 20 Defenders Webway striking with 40 shuriken shots, throw in a deep striking Autarch for reroll 1's and you will be putting out a lot of damage.


So how will this affect my army? Well in truth not much. I plan on fielding Yriel in 90% of my games as I want to represent the Eldritch Raiders and their allies (Harlies, Ynnari, Dark Kin & Corsairs). Which means as far as Warlord traits go I have to take Enduring Resolve which is fine, I like being able to deny powers. Then as I'm Iyanden I have to take the Stoic Defense, so guess what 20 guardian blob units are on their way, of both varieties! I do plan on fielding and building a lot of Wraithlords thanks to the doubling of the wound ability and then of course waveserpents to finish everything off.
I hear/read a lot of chatter about Alaitoc and the minus one to hit but truth be told I prefer a waveserpent that doesn't downgrade until it is on three wounds, same with a Wraithlord. So expect aggressive in your face armies appearing on this blog some.

Next review will be stratagems so check back soon.

Beer Review 49 // Festive pudding Ale by Greene King

Welcome to the first of properly many festive beers. I know it is still November, but with a surge of Festive beers about to hit I knew I should jump on in straight away. So I was in my local LCBO and saw a beer sporting a Xmas Pudding on it. On closer inspection I discovered it to be by Greene King. Growing up I lived close by to Bury St. Edmunds brewery and best friends dad also works for them. Then as an adult working in bars we also had their IPA or Speckled Hen on tap. You might say they introduced me casks over lagers but they never inspired me like Thornbridge. So let us see if this Xmas Ale can improve my opinion of them.


Name: Festive Ale

Style: Brown Ale

Brewery: Greene King

Country: UK, Suffolk, Bury St. Edmunds

Price: $3.50 CAD - 500ml Bottle

ABV: 6%

Commercial Fluff
"A beer like no other, pure Christmas pudding in a glass! We blend our rare oak-aged brew with Pale & Crystal malt & Challenger, First Gold and Target hops to create our rich, warming and satisfying Ale with the masses of toffee, caramel and fruit pudding character. Enjoy with meat & game dishes and rich festive desserts"

Own Opinion

Bottle Art: Closer inspection it's a pretty cheesy label whipped up on MS Paint. Too many types of font being used and the pudding looks just weird.

Sight: Mahogany brown, when held to the light it has a slight red tint on it. Head is a light brown tan colour, looks delicious and tasty.

Aroma: Wow disappointing. Everything seems very tame and pretty muted, there is some malty, caramel, toast and a tiny spice note.

Taste: Also pretty lame. Slight notes of malt, caramel, toast, spices, dark fruits, biscuit and a little bitter. Considering it is 6% it has no heat or booze to it. Overall very thin and disappointing, the taste was so disappointing and lacked any flavour.

Would I buy it again? Nope. Wow just wow that was pointless. It had that Greene King yeast smell which you get in their IPA as well. It lacked punch and flavour, I wanted a rich fruity boozy beer. Instead I got a watered down disaster. After about three or four sips I poured it down the drain. Ultimately a fail.

Beer Review 48 // The Bottle Imp by Beaus

It's time for another beer reviews guys. As the days get shorter and the nights longer my eyes instantly go to the stout shelf at the LCBO. Most of the time they don't have anything exciting but I lucked out this time when I noticed they some bottles of Beaus Bottle Imp. This is a beer I remember fondly from my first year in Canada, why I haven't had it since is truly beyond me so I grabbed a bottle and headed home to enjoy.


Name: The Bottle Imp

Style: Imperial Russian Stout

Brewery: Beaus all Natural

Country: Canada, Ontario, Vankleek Hill

Price: $7.95 CAD 600ml Bottle 

ABV: 9%

Commercial Fluff
"The Bottle Imp is a strong, dark, roasty and rich creation. This rendition of a Russian Imperial Stout is also infused with a blend of Nicaraguan and Guatemalan fair-trade organic coffee. Complex and contemplative, and with well-integrated alcohol warmth, The Bottle Imp is best served in a snifter, sipped slowly and savoured."

Own Opinion

Bottle Art: It's completely out there. Playing on the haunting turn-of-the-century tale by Robert Louis Stevenson and Matryoshka dolls. We end up with a label that is colourful, slightly mad and stands out.

Sight: A super dark brown almost black pour with a luxurious mocha colour foam head.

Aroma: Coffee shines through, backed up with dark fruits and roasty notes.

Taste: Coffee, coffee for days! Such a great mouth texture as well, smooth with a little heat from the alcohol. Think dark fruits likes currents and you are not far off.

Would I buy it again? Yes. I was pleasantly surprised to find myself drinking the whole bottle to myself. The alcohol is well hidden and the flavour profile just continues to impress as it warms up. I know for a fact that I am going to buy more this season. Once again great work by Beaus.

Have you tried it? What did you think, let me know either on here or via Google+


Sector 102 // JDMG Rolling thunder Mission

Welcome Dredd-heads to another Sector 102 update. So far we have looked at the rule book, special rules and fluff. But now it's time for a mission. The mission below first appeared on the mongoose publishing website, but was later released as apart of 'Blood on the Streets' supplement. I can't see any harm in sharing this as it can be easily found on the internet. So have a read, enjoy and let me know if you've played it.

Rolling Thunder

What happens when food runs short......

Whenever a major disaster strikes Mega-City One, its after effects are felt for weeks, months, even years afterwards. When the infrastructure of the city breaks down, the supply and distribution of food is always affected in one sector or another. As the old saying goes, anarchy is just three missed meals away and the appetite of fatties rarely lasts that long!

When word gets out that a food distribution point has had a delivery, the typical citizen of Mega-City One will not wait his turn, and a riot is guaranteed, spearheaded by the fatties, the hungriest citizens of all.


The following forces are used in this Justice Department mission.
Justice Department:
Six- Level 1 Street Judges. They may swap the lawgiver with Scatter Guns. 

Optional: Two Street Judges may be swapped out for a Rookie Judge and a Riot Judge.

Rioting Citizens:
Six- Level 1 Fatties. They do not have any weapons or equipment.

Twelve- Punk Minions in his force (a.k.a hungry citizens), each with up to 10 Credits worth of equipment, weapons and armour.


Place a food distribution building on one short table edge, then place a barricade in front of it, 12” from the same table edge. Each barricade section should be between 3-5” long.

The Justice Department player then deploys all his models anywhere behind the barricade. The Rioting Citizens player then deploys all his models at least 24” away from the barricade.

The Rioting Citizens player takes the first phase of the game.

Special Rules

This is a full blown riot, and the citizens have been warned! Judges do not need to attempt to arrest the rioting citizens or fatties. This is just as well, as they are so crazed with hunger, they automatically ignore any attempts to arrest them.

If a Fattie uses the Belliwheel rule on page 61 of the main rulebook while moving into contact with a barricade, make a Melee check. If the Fattie succeeds, he has flattened that section of the barricade – remove it immediately. The Fattie may then continue with any remaining movement.

Once word gets out that food is at the distribution point, more citizens will come flooding in. When a Punk is removed from play, the Rioting Citizens player may place him back on the table at the start of any subsequent Turn. He may be placed on either long table edge, so long as he is within 12” of a Fattie.

The Fatties are hungry and will not hang around! A Fattie must always perform at least one Move action every Turn, and must be moved as close as it can get to the food distribution point as possible during this action. A Fattie may not, at any time, be moved further away from the food distribution point.

Victory Conditions
At the end of each Turn, the Rioting Citizen player should count how many of his models are in contact with the food distribution point building that are also more than 2” away from the closest Judge. Each Punk in contact with the building will gain the Rioting Citizen player 1 Food Point per Turn, while a Fattie earns 2 Food Points.

If the Rioting Citizen player accrues 15 Food Points, he wins!

The Justice Department player wins if he manages to remove all Fatties from the table before the Rioting Citizen player gains 15 Food Points. 


This Justice Department mission can be replayed with the following changes, giving you a new battle each time:

It is not always up to the Justice Department to defend food distribution points. Manpower shortages may mean this duty is left to the Citi-Def. Ever seen what a high-explosive missile can do to a Fattie? Six Citi-Def Soldiers should be enough, if two of them are given heavy weapons…

If they are available, the Judges often use Electro-Cordons to fence in rioters. Drop a Street Judge and bring in up to four Electro-Cordons, placing them up to 6” away from the barricade to make another obstacle for the rioters.

In times of desperation, the Justice Department may be forced to deploy whatever forces are to hand at the food distribution point. Drop two Street Judges and take up to 300 Credits worth of Mercenaries instead. Just enough to squeeze a Mk I Mechanismo unit in…

Food riots do not just take place in Mega-City One. Try this mission again with Brit-Cit or East Meg Judges as defenders.

So there you go. I would love to hear if you have played this mission or better let if you are a Judge
Dredd fan. So drop me comment either on here or Google+

Thanks for reading.

Thursday Wips 23-11-2017

Welcome to a WIP update. Unsurprisingly I'm painting some Eldar. On the desktop today is my beast of a Wraithlord and two Squads of Wraithguards. The first squad of Wraiths have the D-Scythes and will most likely get a pimping Waveserpent ride as they are such a up close short range unit. The Second Squad is the Classic Wraithcannons, this squad I think will beef up to the full 10 and be using the Webway stratagem to deepstrike them into the face of the enemy. Whilst the Wraithlord is the first of many coming to my blog. This one is to represent the guardian elements of my army whilst future ones will represent each shrine, just can't decide whether to do a Dire Avenger first or a Fire Dragon. Let me know your thoughts below.

Anyways that is it for today's update. Enjoy the photo drop below. If you are currently working on something send me a link I'd love to see what others are up to.

Craftworld Iyanden 12 // Dire Avenger Shrine Knights Azure

Welcome to readers to another Iyanden update. Once more I enter the fray of the Dire Avenger Shrines following on from the completion of the Sable Helm Shrine. After a quick chat with a local gamer/tournament goer/blogger Fire Breathing Duck, we agreed that there doesn't seem to be much reason to do a full squad of 10 Dire Avengers, especially as I'm mostly a collector as to a gamer. In fact point wise if you do game, you are better off doing two squads of Five DA, then each can benefit from a free Exarch upgrade, both squads can then share a Waveserpent and still have the same fire output, just with extra wounds thanks to the Exarch and his inv. save for extra resilence.. I know it sounds a bit cheesy but it makes sense. So with that in mind I went a repainted some details on five of my original DA's and made them into another shrine. So allow me to introduce the Knights Azure:

Once again there isn't much detail on them, come on GW get your act together. The only details I can find come from an older edition codex. Knights Azure Shrine is an Eldar Shrine of Dire Avengers (Surprise). They are known for pursuing any sightings of Asurmen. As far as painting goes I picked this to be next shrine as it stands out due to that cool yellow arm. So here I am so far:


Five Dire Avengers
Inc. Exarch and no upgrades.

Power Level: 3
Point Cost: 60

Notable Actions

Times Wiped Out: 

As always drop me a comment

Craftworld Iyanden 11 // Lord-Phoenix Deathspinner- Wraithseer

Welcome back for another Iyanden army update. This time I am focusing on a HQ unit for my army and what better says Iyanden than a Wraith unit! So looking inside Imperial Armour-Xenos I came across the Wraithseer rules and knew I wanted one. Problem is I didn't want to pay Forgeworld prices so I tried my hand at a conversion. For those who don't know Wraithseers are the Psyker versions of Wraithlord. The minimum equipment needed for a Wraithseer is a Ghostspear and a Wraithcannon.
So away I went and here is my results. The Ghostspear is made from a brightlance, the falcon under hull sensor and the blade from a Talos. Whilst the Wraithcannon comes from some leftover bits. Introducing Lord-Phoenix Deathspinner.

Highlights of this unit are it's wraithcannon, just like the wraithguard he will be joining. He has a 3+ Save and 5+ Invulnerable and toughness 7 so is pretty resistant. Then finally it can attempt to manifest one power and deny one power a turn. Downside is he has only three set powers, none of which are smite. The first power is Enliven: basically making another wraith unit move faster, the second is Foreboding: the ability to harm LD values and thirdly Deliverance: basically 6+ FNP. I can see myself using the second and third powers.

Wraithseer Lord-Phoenix Deathspinner

Power Level: 10
Points: 167

Noticeable Actions


Have you used one? If so how did it go?

Sector 102 // Character Fact File Wendy GO!!

Welcome to the first of many home-brewed characters for Sector 102. Sector 102 is the setting for my Judge Dredd miniature games. So relax and have a read and as always drop me a comment below.

++ Sector House 102 Emergency Call ++
++ Subject: Wendy Go ++

"To any available Judges within the Dan Abnett block region. Reported Futsie down at the Happy Noodle Store, on the intersection of Keith Moon and Irvine Welsh Megways. Futsie is armed and dangerous, believed multiple wounded. Medics are inbound."-Control

++ Accessing File ++

Name: Wendy Go
D.O.B: 15/08/2103
Arrested: 28/03/2123
Age: 20
Block: Dan Abnett
Species: Human
Sex: Female
Race: White
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 169
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Crime: Futsie
Sentence: Life in Kook-Cube 786.

Background: Wendy Go like many of the citizens from Dan Abnett Block, was full time unemployed. The only thing keeping her sane was her daily trip to the Happy Noodle to enjoy the Lunch Munce Special. That all changed one day when she found out it had been removed due to containing real egg noodles. This was enough for Wendy Go to flip over the edge. Finally the pressures of life in the City of the Future proved to much for her and Wendy Go flipped into a psychosis where everyone else was now the enemy. Wendy Go, managed to kill three employees of Happy Noodle, two juves and a Fattie before being subdued by Judge Prince, who was first on to the scene. Currently serving time in a psycho cube that allows day release.

JDMG Stats

Name: Wendy Go (Futsie)
Type: Infantry Minion
Weapons/Special Rules: Handgun, Completely Mad!!
Move: 5"
Agility: +1
Shoot: -1
Melee: +1
Melee Dice: 2D
Will: +3
Armour: 0
Hits: 2
Cost: 20 creds

This was one of my first characters created for the mini game. Nothing too crazy in the rules department but adds a bit of character to my games. Drop me a comment and let me know what you think.

Book Review 14 // Ghostmaker by Dan Abnett

Hey readers shocking update I've actually finished reading and I am posting November's book of 2017, with a week and a half to spare! If you haven't read the other reviews please do tap the link in header and have read.

Sometimes you pick up a book and you just enjoy it so much that you can't put it down. That is what happened here. I picked up this book in a thrift store for a dollar which is amazing and better let it written by Dan Abnett one of my preferred authors. So let us not waste more time and get into the view.

Book Title: Ghostmaker

Author: Dan Abnett

Publisher: Black Library

Commercial Fluff:

"The origins of Gaunt's Ghosts are revealed. Tanith's First and Only are put through the wringer as they overcome their home world's destruction and battle the forces of Chaos. The story's packed with action and suspense with a unique focus on single Imperial Guardsmen performing acts of heroism that will go uncelebrated and unremembered by the Imperium at large."

The Review

First up these tales are all from the short stories written for Black Library's Inferno magazine (a now out of print short story magazine). These stories are all then linked together with the over riding Monthrax mission. I feel the easiest way to do the review is to explain the overall tale then the short stories and then finish the main arc off.

The Gaunt's Ghosts are stuck on Monthrax, a heavily covered jungle world with a mysterious secret at it's heart. With elements of the guard facing off against a chaos splinter cell that has fled from their defeat at Balhaut. Before each tale a page is dedicated to Gaunt as he moves around the encampment  meeting up with different characters and with each encounter sparking a short tale about the character in question. Then the final chapter is all about the Monthrax mission. I enjoyed this style of storytelling, not only does it give us the chance to learn and build some backstory for the main characters, but it also shows they aren't a newly formed regiment and have battle experience.

The first two stories are set up by Gaunt himself as he surveys the planet Monthrax. His personal flashback heads back to the Founding fields of the Ghosts. As the newly promoted Colonel Commissar, Gaunt is sent to what seems like a backwater forest world that has a hint of chaos about it. As far as Gaunt is concerned Tanith is hardly better than a feral world. With the men looking pale and darked hair, covered in tattoos. Then during the day of the muster a splinter Chaos fleet attacks Tanith, a faction fleeing from their Balhaut defeat, but forgotten about and left to pillage behind the main battle front. Facing death on Tanith, Gaunt orders that all able men be evacuated from the planet. Even Gaunt himself is nearly killed by the attackers, if not for his assigned pipe player Milo, who saves his life. Having just barely escaped, Gaunt is shocked to find out that all the assigned officers have perished on the planet, having stayed till the end trying to save troopers. What we are then left with is a regiment that has no officers and a hatred for Gaunt. But this soon all changes as Corbec, Rawne and Milo face off against Gaunt about leaving their world to burn. Expecting punishment for confronting Gaunt they are instead promoted to Colonel (Corbec), Major (Rawne) and Adjutant to Gaunt (Milo).  We then get to see the new regiment in action at Blackshard and how the newly appointed officers: the charismatic Corbec and the bitter Rawne play out as well as handling their first outing in charge.

The next flashback started as Gaunt watches the Ghosts play a game, has the Tanith battling Chaos (unsurprisingly as it is the Sabbat Crusade), this time on the world of Voltemand. It's in this story that we get introduced to the Volpone Bluesbloods for the first time. A heavy elite mechanised regiment from a rich world, but they are also the operational theater's leadership and view the Ghosts as little more than barbarians to be used up, thus they deploy the Tanith into some of the most dangerous forward positions. Ultimately the enemy position falls, thanks to the work of a Ghost Sergeant named Cluggan. The Ghost's rejoicing is short-lived, as the Volpone commander orders an artillery battalion to fire on the Tanith's route back to the main of the Guard; 300 men, including the hero Cluggan, die in the bombardment. This is the beginning of a growing resentment that builds through the series.

Then we follow Mkoll, the most skilled scout in the regiment, leader of the scout detachment and a pure woods men at heart. Whilst searching for remnants of Chaos traitors on the dangerous world of Ramillies 268-43. A mistake by one of his scouts sets off the planet's deadly flora (think cactus that can shoot it's spines!) and attracts the attention of a damaged and visually impaired Chaos Dreadnought. Mkoll, thinking quickly, is able to use an overcharged Lasgun and the pointy cactus plants to overcome the much-larger Chaos brute. This was a highlight tale for me as Mkoll takes pride in his work and refuses praise. A true hero.

Then we reach Corbec's tale set on Caligula. Gaunt, Rawne, and several others are separated from the main of the Ghosts during a landing action gone wrong due to enemy sorcery. Whilst Gaunt struggles to lead his companions to safety through enemy lines, Corbec has to take command fearing he is the only surviving officer. Whilst the Ghosts clear out the target city block by block, Corbec and his command squad stumble across a Chaos Daemon! Guard issued weapons prove ineffective against this Warp spawned monster so Corbec is forced to retreat. Corbec soon realises this is the reason for the storm that rages above and calls in a favour from a navy friend stationed above the planet. Using Corbec's coordinates they launch a battery strike against the deamon, utterly destroying the beast and bring an end to the storm raging above, restoring sensor equipment a locating Gaunt and his team.

The next short story is all about ''Mad'' Larkin, the unit's most elite let crazy sniper. Larkin has seemingly abandoned his unit and fled from a battle. Using an Imperial chapel to hideout, he starts suffering headaches and seemingly starts talking to an Angel statue (did I mention he is mad?). As his conversation with the Angel goes back and forth, Larkin sets up his rifle, claiming that his scope is the only thing that shows him the truth, then during a fit Larkin snipes Nokad, the leader of the local Chaos forces, before finally passing out. Hours pass and Larkin is stirred by Colonel Corbec who finds him, shivering and prone and soaked in urine, telling him he is the battle's hero. Larkin ends the tale looking at the Angel. Was he mad or was he visited by a saint?

That Hideous Strength returns us to Caligula and "Try-Again" Bragg's tale. "Try-Again" is the biggest Ghost in the company and the strongest able to carry a heavy bolter solo, only problem is his aim sucks (hence the nickname). He comes across as a gentle giant and most people view him as simple. So when Gaunt places him in charge of protecting a convoy everyone assumes that Gaunt has written them off. Soon the convoy is attacked crossing a desert and we get to see Bragg in action fending off the attackers until the Imperial Navy is able to deploy bombers to end the threat of the bandits forever. It's at this point Bragg reveals that not only was the convoy a feint to draw out the criminals (devised by Gaunt and Bragg), but that he was also able to determine the identity of the traitor with the convoy who sold the information on the raiders in the process. Fun tale that helps make Bragg more than a walking gun.

The next short is Gaunt and Rawne trapped behind Orkish lines on the ice world of Typhon Eight. While Rawne contemplates killing his hated foe Gaunt, the greenskins attack, forcing the two to work together to survive. The pair commandeer an Orkish vehicle and make a danger-fraught escape. As they do so, Rawne loses his traditional Tanith knife saving Gaunt life from boiling chemical liquid. Gaunt then gives Rawne his own knife and asks the major why he saved him...Rawne's reply is that one day, he will be the one to kill Gaunt, on equal terms, not in a cowardly way.

The old Medic Dorden is the focus of the tale. Set on the world of Nacedon, the Ghosts encounter an abandoned farmhouse filled with the Volpone Blueblood's wounded as they are preparing to retreat from a Chaos counter attack. Gaunt whilst preparing to pull out the regiment, claims they can do nothing for the injured soldiers (their own regiment has already left them to die). Medic Dorden insists that he be allowed to stay and try to defend the wounded with a small detachment of ten Ghosts. Gaunt barely agrees, and Dorden and nine other Ghosts dig in. As night comes, the Chaos Cultists begin to attack. The Ghosts and those of the Bluebloods able to fight stage a desperate defense, fending off an initial attack. But when the enemy forces begin to position artillery support, the battle seems lost, until Gaunt, who has united with the main line of the Imperial forces, directs the Guard's own artillery to target the Chaos unit, inflicting heavy causalities and breaking the assault.

"A Simple Plan" features Caffran, the youngest of the Ghosts at eighteen years. Follows the Ghosts as they attack a refinery on a planet called Sapiencia. After the navy boys mess up the landing, the poor Ghosts have to first survive the deadly waters before hitting the beaches. Having arrived first they are then told that they are to act as reserves for the heavier units. Pissed off by the thought of this Caffran and a small detachment follow a set of tunnels behind enemy lines and ignore the order to retreat. Here they face the enemy on their own completely unsupported. During a brutal firefight they demolish a refinery tower barely escaping it's destruction, but the enemy commander Sholen Skara, convinced his lines had been overrun, begins sacrificing his own troopers to Khrone, weakening his lines and allowing an easy victory for the Guard units pushing up the beach. Caffran is offered the opportunity to execute Skara, but Caffran believes forcing Skara to live with his shame is the worse punishment they could dish out.

We then reach Brin Milo, Gaunt's adjutant and the only non military personal to survive the destruction of Tanith. His tale begins with Gaunt thinking about how his adjutant  uncanny ability to anticipate events, will get him in trouble again one day. Hence begins "Witch Hunt," were Milo's ability, as well as his participation in a gambling scam, puts Milo under the scrutiny of an Imperial Inquisitor called Lilith. As the unit prepares to disembark on Monthrax (yes we have caught up to the main story), the Inquisitor, who has been sent to investigate reports of witchcraft on Monthrax, is put onto the scent of Milo by the Ghosts' Blueblood rivals. In an interrogation, it initially seems that Milo's odd talents might lead to his execution, but instead, he reveals a more mundane explanation for the rigged game, saving his life, for now.

Now we have hit the last chapter and it is all about Monthrax, as the Ghosts ready for a counter attack as the enemy over commit themselves leaving their flanks exposed. As the Ghosts start to engage with Chaos throughout the jungle, Mkoll seeks out a ruin he glimpsed in passing while scouting earlier. To his surprise he finds it under heavy siege by a vast horde of Chaos Cultists. Meanwhile, an unnatural storm has let rip, confusing the minds of the troopers and spawning Chaos abominations within the Jungle. Although Lilith and Gaunt are initially worried about the storm being a filthy Chaos magic trick, it is soon discovered the true source of the storm is  a group of the ancient Eldar race, who seek to close one of their Webways entrances on this world. Using their own mind tricks the Eldar are able to convince a group of Ghosts, led by Major Rawne, that they are on Tanith, fighting to save their world from Chaos! With Rawne's Ghosts working with the Eldar they are able to hold of the initial attack, giving Gaunt and Lilith time to figure out that the storm originated at the ruins. Mkoll is also found surrounded by dead cultist and reports of the activity at the ruins. The Ghosts and Blueblood forces join up and push against the flanks of the Chaos horde at the ruins, allowing themselves to also fall under the Eldar's spell to bolster their efforts. Once the horde is dispersed, Lilith finds the Farseer, now too weak to close the Webway. She uses her own power to seal the gate forever and passes through with the Eldar survivors to the Craftworld beyond. Gaunt and his Ghosts regroup, worn but strangely filled with pride at the opportunity, however falsely-created, to reverse the retreat at their Founding and seemingly fight for their homeworld.

And with that the book ends. I really enjoyed this, the short story format helped keep the story going whilst giving us the ability to build up the characters in our heads without having to read twenty books. Dan Abnett has a way of writing that I find enjoyable and absorbing and I can't wait to read the next book.

Mkoll's tale was properly my favourite closely followed by Caffran's and I look forward to reading more about these characters! As always thank you for joining me and reading this entire post. Hope you enjoyed it and if you want this book get in contact, maybe I can send it your way! Now to start Decembers book...

Beer Review 47 // Shelton NEIPA by Biererie Shelton

Time for a beer review. Unsurprisingly staying in Quebec for another great tasting beer picked up at Brou ha ha. This beer I knew only a little bit of info before heading in so it was all pretty new to me, so let's get going!


Name: Shelton NEIPA (all the rage at the moment)

Style: NE IPA

Brewery: Biererie Shelton but contracted brewed at Oshlag

Country: Canada, Quebec

Price: $3.75 CAD (I think, need to write this down)

ABV: 7.5%

Commercial Fluff
"Shelton-NEIPA is an India Pale Ale inspired beer, brewed in New England style. Just as hoppy as the IPA of the American West Coast, its taste is deliberately less bitter and resinous. Velvety and juicy in the mouth, it has powerful aromas of tropical fruits and citrus."

Own Opinion

Bottle Art: Bright bold colours, really pops on a shelf and is definitely an eyesore at the same time.

Sight: Beautiful golden cloudy yellow. Crisp like head. A good looking beer.

Aroma: Rather citrusy with the malt also coming through.

Taste: Citrusy, fruity, a little resin bitterness that I didn't expect. Nice mouthfeel but didn't make me think of other NEIPA's I've enjoyed.

Would I buy it again? Yes it is a great beer, will need more tinkering with to truly make it a NEIPA, but for now it is a great tasting IPA.

Have you tried it? There was a lot of fuss about this beer when it first launched, which has seemingly died down. I'd be interested in trying some of their other beers. As always drop me a comment and say hi.

Meg 207 // 2000 AD Judge Dredd Megazine 207

Welcome to Meg 207 the overview from 1st July 2003. First of all the cover art is amazing, looking like Mark Harrison was inspired by a 1940's movie poster. The piece is titled Angel of Mercy and the  main feature character is Oola Blint, with the backlit silhouette of Dredd in the doorway. I hope this is a heavy hint at what the new Dredd strip will be about. So with that in mind let us jump in.

Story: Shakedown (Part 1)- Set in the Paradise Heights block Judge Dredd is leading a shakedown to clean house. This involves interrogating 65,000 citizens!
Highlight: So much to love about this strip. 1. Oola Blint- Story is set during her crime spree and it's great to see her character again. 2. The Drug den of Zzizz users who can't bring themselves to flush it. 3. The Fringe a pro-democracy group looking for away to escape and finally 4. A kidnapping that is going poorly for the kidnappers. Ultimately a great strip.

Story: Family (Part 7)- We have finally hit the final strip of the family tale. Gio and Silver the top two members of the family have decided to meet at the harbour, but Odysseus PD are also there. What we get is the final showdown that we have waited for.
Highlight: It's over lol. Pretty big showdown, with most of the villains dead. Can't see this series coming back.

Story: Black Siddha (Part 6)- The hard choices still continue but it seems Rohan is about to become the Black Siddha.
Highlight: The artwork is the true highlight but it's nice to finally see him embracing some of his powers and that the Lords of Karma are starting to force his hand.

Story: Dredd Daily- I don't normally review these as they are so short and silly. But this one is about Licensed Peepers. A justice Department encouraged community watchdog.
Highlight: I like the idea of the bored population of MC-1 spying on each other to make a bit of extra cash and the good old Justice Department reaping the awards.

Story: Slaine Time Killer (Part 19-22)- The pain finally comes to an end, this tale is over. So let us move on!
Highlight: It's finally over let's move on and never mention this tale again.

Story: Darkie's Mob (Parts 22-26)- The adventures continue in the jungle as Darkie and his boys discover a flyboy who is in trouble.
Highlight: The final strip this month leaves Darkie's Mob of ten on a hill surrounded by a thousand Japanese soldiers. Could this be the end of this rag tag badass group?

Story: Rat Town- Written by Jonathan Clements and Illustrations by Adrian Salmon. Newly full eagled Judge Hotchkiss is having a bad start. First day on the streets but she already has to deal with a bank robbery and a hostage taking. To make matters worst, Dredd is taking over and who the hell is Judge X?
Highlight: Judge X, an unmarked Judge. Blank Badge and respirator down to hide the face. A member of Wally squad who deals with the street Judges. Love the idea of this character and want to model one for my games.

Story: Apocalypse Soon- So God has started the next Apocalypse, but the horsemen are currently horseless! A silly one page tale of beautiful artwork.
Highlight: The war posters make me laugh, all Iraq themed with goofy images of Tony Blair and George Bush.

Story: Young Middenface Mutopia (Part 3)- Sadly this is the last installment and it makes me sad. After jumping on board a drone and going over a cliff it seemed Middenface was done for. Lucky for him he crashed on a ledge. Soon the mutants repair the drone and set it up to return to the source, killing the spying Scots. Unfortunately this happens on a Sunday aka the Sabbath, so when the ruler of the Isle of Harris finds out he exiles the group and the story finishes with the group sailing into the sunset.
Highlight: The mutants a true highlight of this strip. Love it and can't wait to see more of them soon.

Story: Devlin Waugh Red Tide- Lilith Karnstein has been freed and is kicking some ass finally and to make it better they have stumbled across a warfare museum!
Highlight: Devlin now has a samurai sword! Better watch out Vamps.

And with Devlin this tale the megazine comes to an end. This issue had a lot more positives than negatives this time around which makes me happy. Also Family and Slaine have come to an end which is great news. Can't wait to see what replaces them, I just hope it's a more Dreddverse centred tales.


Megazine Highlights
  • Dredd Shakedown- Mega City Life at it's finest.
  • Darkie's Mob- Things are getting really dark and possibly coming to an end.
  • Rat Town- Good look at how different Justice Departments act with one another
  • Young Middenface- Mutants!!
  • Devlin Waugh- Lilith Karnstein is a badass.
Megazine Lowlight
  • Family- Finally this has come to a conclusion, dragged out to much.
  • Slaine- Yawn
As always thanks for the trip down memory lane.

Craftworld Iyanden 10 // Dire Avenger Sable Helm

The first Dire Avenger Shrine is now complete. So introducing the Sable Helm Shrine, if you missed the wip posts follow these links part 1, part 2 and part 3. For this Dire Avenger squad I've gone for the full ten man squad lead by an Exarch. The Exarch for this squad is equipped with Dire Sword and Shuriken Pistol- The Classic Combo for a Dire Avenger Exarch. Yes I know it means reduced firepower but I like my conversion so I'm sitting to it :)

As far as Shrine details goes there isn't much on them. They have appeared a few times in different editions of the codex and have appeared in Valdor Warzone Book (hence my first choice for Iyanden), then on Lexicanum they mention that the Sable Helm Shrine  battled the Orks of Waaagh! Greksh on Chogoth Delta and ended up slaughtering the Greenskins. So they seem pretty badass. So here they are in their full squad glory.

Now with so little background on them that leaves it open for me build off. So on this page I will write my own history for this Shrine and build off it as I manage to get some games in:

Shrine of The Sable Helm

Shrine Leader: Teal'c
Squad Size: 10
Power Level: 6
Point Cost: 120
Equipment: Avenger Catapult, Plasma Grenade, Diresword & Shuriken Pistol

Noticeable Actions

Beer Review 46 // Tam Tam by Matera

Welcome boozehounds to the next installment of my beer reviews. I'm on a bit of a Quebec beer run at the moment, reason being they just excite me more. Ontario breweries that are readily available to me at the LCBO just aren't doing it for me. So a quick trip across the river to an IGA or Broue Ha Ha gives me better results for my money. So let us jump in.


Name: Tam Tam

Style: Session IPA

Brewery: Matera Facebook

Country: Canada, Quebec

Price: $3.25 CAD (damn quebec prices.)

ABV: 4.75% (so precise lol)

Commercial Fluff
"Beer hopped hopelessly cold and fruity, with fruity and supra-tropical aromas. A thirst-quenching beer generously dry-hopped with fruity and supra-tropical aromas. Note: The first brew was brewed at Broue Shop"

Own Opinion

Bottle Art: Love this can! The blue stands out wonderfully with it's playful character taking centre stage with his bogo barrels.

Sight: Slight cloudy beer but pretty golden in colour, capped with a white foamy head that leaves some great lacing as the beer is consumed.

Aroma: Tropical fruits shine on through. Along with a hint of cereal.

Taste: Dry finish with a slight bitterness. A stronger fruity aspect would have made this beer great. Overall a solid session ipa but not groundbreaking.

Would I buy it again? No. It was a good intro to this brewery and I did enjoy it but does it stand out compared to other Sessions? No, frankly it doesn't. So time to move onto the next beer. What does interest me is the fact it has Sunday Beer written on it (see picture). Does that mean they are doing a beer for each day of the week? I sure hope so. I look forward to trying another beer from them soon.

What are your thoughts? Have you tried it, if so drop me a comment below. Cheers!

Meg Review 206 // 2000 AD Judge Dredd Megazine 206

Welcome back in time to June 3rd 2003, 2000 AD Judge Dredd Megazine 206 has just hit the shelf. The cover is bold and colourful, with bright yellow. The image is Devlin Waugh dressed in his sailor outfit knuckle up, ready to fight. Claws reaching out for him! Overall great cover by Colin MacNeil entitled 'Gaze into the fist of Dev!'. So let us jump in:

Story: Monkey on my Back Part 3- The final part of this interesting story set when Dredd was younger. Now that Dredd and Chambers know the truth they are headed back to kill Monkey and release Chief Judge Goodman from it's control. But they better hurry as the city is quickly becoming overrun by Mutants.
Highlight: Seeing the SJS fully pledging support to Deputy Judge Cal, planting the seeds to him wanting to remove Goodman permanently

Story: Apocalypse Soon (Part 3)- So far we have met the four horseman and the horses. In this one page strip the horsemen finally get the sign to start the apocalypse, but as they leave the bar they discover the horses are gone!
Highlight: The artwork is the highlight, the story itself is too short to have a highlight but Shaun Thomas' artwork is just beautiful.

Story: Young Middenface (Part 4)- Middenface and Bonny Charlie have reached the safe haven of Harris. An island off the coast of Scotland that became independent and a safety zone for Mutants. Middenface starts to almost live a normal life, given a job and also trained to fight. Things are looking good for him, that is until a drone from Scotland arrives.
Highlight: The mutants. God damn it I love a mutant and this strip has loads of them!

Story: Darkie's Mob- The Mob continue to smash their way through the Japanese forces.
Highlight: Fun short tales set during the War, as said many times before it reminds me of the old war comics I read as a child and they bring a smile to my face.

Story: Slaine- Nope, still dislike it so not going to write anything about this. Waste of space in this comic.

Story: Black Siddha Bad Karma (Part 5)- Okay this is starting to drag on too much. Rohan is still unsure of his path and it is really getting annoying. Let's get moving please.
Highlight: Rohan's friends treading further down the path of Darkness, summoning demons to eat the homeless.

Story: Everything Must Go- Exciting an actual short story. Written by David Bishop. Dredd is chasing down a missing person case, when he runs into two Brit-Cit fraud criminals. Just as Dredd is making the arrest he is jumped and knocked out. He awakes to find himself in the undercity amd in the Mall of America.
Highlight: The droids and how they view the store and the manager.

Story: Family (Part 6)- Kurt want Talia to turn on her family, as Silver's killing spree is now causing fatalities in the police force. Of course she flips and leaves Kurt, who is then approached by Silver to be at the docks at midnight. Seems like the story is coming to an explosive conclusion.
Highlight: Silver blowing up a dinner to get Kurt's attention.

Story: Red Tide (Part 5)- Having finally hit the island, Devlin and team realise they are in a world of shit. Soon becoming trapped in a hotel rather than on a boat, looks like Devlin is going to have to fight his way out again.
Highlight: Colin MacNeil's beautiful artwork continues to impress. Whilst the return of Landis makes for a great villainous entrance.

All together another okay comic, worth the price for the highlight strips. Just wish every tale was solid and they really need to let Slaine go. It's getting to the point that I just skip it now which is a real shame. The Dredd and Devlin really are carrying the strips, but with Family ending soon and hopefully Slaine to we may see an increase in better content (Fingers crossed).


Red Tide
Monkey on my Back
Young Middenface
Everything must go

As always thanks for swinging by and until next time....Cheers!

Craftworld Iyanden 09 // Spiritseer Assatur

Welcome to the first completed HQ choice of Craftworld Iyanden, Warhost Carcosa for 8th Edition. These spotlight posts will act as a showcase for my latest completed figure along as a source of lore knowledge. So for the first post we hit on Spiritseers.

"Spiritseers are specialized Eldar Warlocks. They are experts in summoning and guiding the spirits of the dead into Wraith Constructs, specifically Wraithguard and Wraithlords. It is said that the first Spiritseer was a Farseer of Craftworld Iyanden who mourned the loss of his lover, plunging himself into the Infinity Circuit to be with her. Amid the swirling otherworld of the departed, he found himself able to bridge the gap between the living and the dead.

Of all the Craftworlds, Spiritseers are most common in Iyanden, as this particular Craftworld has a very small population and even fewer warriors. The most powerful Spiritseer among them is Iyanna Arienal, "the Angel of Iyanden", who is doing everything she can to save her home and her people.

The Spiritseers' special training has hardened their own souls against the danger of becoming too enthralled by their command over the dead and thus actually becoming a true necromancer. The use of the Wraithguard and the Wraithlords is only a last resort by the Craftworlds and only when their Farseers believe that they face the direst necessity. The use of such units is seen as little better than engaging in petty necromancy among the Eldar, but is tolerated because the Eldar's low population makes reliance upon their dead a necessity if the race is to survive in its weakened state."

Introducing Assatur of House Ulthanash. Like many of his House he shunned Prince Yriel for his bastard blood believing him to be an arrogant upstart that would doom Iyanden. But following the exiled Princes return to Iyanden to save them all from Hive Fleet Kraken he was forever changed. From a mere Poet to now Speaker of the Dead, Assatur has changed. Gone are his poems of Isha's love now replaced with silence and scorn. Assatur is a true follower of Yriel and can be found leading units of Wraithblades in support of the Eldritch Raiders.

In the closing days of the 41st Millennium, Assatur was amongst the boarding parties that fought the Daemonic legions of Gara'gugul'gor. It was during these actions that Assatur witnessed the death and rebirth of Yriel at the hands of Yvraine, Seeing the power of Ynnead first hand, Assatur has now become a devotee to Ynnead like many from Iyanden and hopes that all this death may one day lead to their rebirth.

Spiritseer Assatur: PL 3 / Pts 45
Weapons: Shuriken Pistol, Witch Staff
Powers: Smite, Quicken/Restrain

"Only through bloodshed and violence can the Aeldari be reborn" - Spiritseer Assatur during the sacking of Hive Zuratha.

Craftworld Iyanden 08 // Aspect Warriors Dire Avengers Shrine

Welcome to the first of many official overviews of Aspect shrines. The plan is collect the official info of an Aspect in one place for all my nerdy needs. Then it will be more accessible via the Dictionary. First up though a bit of self promotion. If you have managed to keep track I have been working on a Dire Avenger Shrine heavily based on the Sable Helms. If you missed it no worries here are the links:

Part 1- Designing the Sable Helm Shrine (pre-codex)
Part 2- Basing and Test Model
Part 3- First Six Complete

The fourth and final part should be ready soon, using the new codex to work out official points and Power level.

Now to the main show Dire Avengers.

Dire Avengers

Dire Avengers are one of the forms of Eldar Aspect Warrior. The Dire Avengers follow Khaine in his aspect as a noble and merciless warrior, and are the most tactically flexible and numerous of all the Aspect Warriors.

Basic Data

Shrine: Eldar Dire Avenger
Phoenix Lord: Asurmen
Phoenix Lord Title: "The Hand of Asuryan"
Main colours: Dark Blue, White, Black
Combat Speciality: All round Combat

Dire Avengers

The Dire Avengers trace their lineage back to Asurmen, the first of the Phoenix Lords and founder of the Aspect Shrines. It is because of Asurmen that the Dire Avengers are the most common of the Aspect Warriors, as he founded more Shrines on more Craftworlds than any other Phoenix Lord. The Dire Avengers' signature weapon is the Avenger Shuriken Catapult, a modified version of the typical Shuriken Catapult with an extended barrel, power feed and inbuilt rangefinder. To wield a shuriken is considered an art form by Dire Avengers, who use the deadly weapons in battle to create impenetrable storms of monomolecular blades which slice their enemies to ribbons. Even when a Dire Avenger has removed their armour and left their shrine, they will keep these razor-sharp discs hidden under their clothing, never truly unarmed.

Dire Avenger wargear

Like other Aspect Warriors, Dire Avengers wear Aspect Armour, psychically activated bodysuits which stiffen on impact to absorb a blow while moulding to fit the warrior's body and allow free range of movement. Dire Avenger armour is predominantly coloured blue, with a distinctive high crested helmet which makes them taller without adding bulk. A tabard is also a common addition, with runic inscriptions identifying the name of the warrior's Shrine and Craftworld of origin, and both it and the helm are always painted in a contrasting white colour. The long top crest is often made of exotic animal hair dyed to match the colour scheme of their Craftworld as well. In addition the small blisters and domes dotting the armour's surface are small compartments containing the suit's technical systems, and over each Dire Avenger's shoulder is an advanced targeter which connects to the Avenger Catapult through the handle. This pan-spectral rangefinder system operates independently of the Dire Avenger and is capable of tracking multiple targets simultaneously, differentiating between friend and foe, and feeding this information directly to the warrior's helm display.

In battle Dire Avengers operate in squads of five to ten warriors, which sometimes includes an Exarch, and can ride into battle within a Wave Serpent transport. These patient, methodical warriors are equally well suited for both offensive and defensive operations. Their training gives them the uncanny ability to read the ebb and flow of battle, knowing when to press the attack or feign retreat and fall back, luring their foes into a carefully prepared ambush. Dire Avengers are also trained in hand-to-hand techniques though, with the exception of their Exarchs, this is not the main focus of their training. When forced to conduct close combat Dire Avengers carry deadly ceremonial knives as a weapon of last resort. These blades are more traditionally used in ceremonies conducted prior to and after battle. Because of their adaptability Dire Avengers are also the most common Aspect Warriors used to conduct special missions outside of normal combat. These can range from recovering an ancient artifact to acting as bodyguards for a Farseer conducting business with the Inquisition.

Dire Avenger Exarch

An Exarch is the leader of an Aspect Shrine. He is one that has traveled so far down the Path of the Warrior that he can no longer turn from that path to follow another path. They wear more elaborate and ancient versions of Aspect Armour which contain the souls of past Exarchs, giving the wearer their knowledge and guidance as well as a pool of raw psychic energy.

As befitting their Shrine the Dire Avenger Exarchs are tactically flexible warriors able to conduct their squad in multiple roles. Rather than just one Avenger Catapult, some Exarchs will carry two of these weapons into battle, wielding one in each hand with skillful deadliness. Others will instead focus on their hand-to-hand combat techniques, and carry a combination of either Shuriken Pistol and Diresword or Power Weapon and Shimmershield. Their secret knowledge and supernatural abilities also allow Exarchs and the squads they lead to go beyond normal Aspect training. Under the guidance of their Exarch a Dire Avenger squad can empty their weapons with rapid fire to create a hurricane of deadly blades without loss of accuracy, though their depleted ammunition cores will require reloading. The Exarch can also lead the squad through a series of defensive moves designed to deny attacks of opportunity from opponents engaging them in close combat.

Known Dire Avenger Shrines

Argent Crest Shrine
Azure Crescent Shrine
Crystal Sons - Asurmen's Chosen.
Diligence of the Argent Fault - Forgotten Shrine
Falling Moon Shrine
Flickering Extinction
Shrine of the Golden Storm
Knights Azure Shrine
One Hundred Bloody Tears - Nimreith Exarch
Rising Dawn
Sable Helm Shrine
Silvered Blade Shrine
Sun Blade Shrine
Shrine of Asurmen's Heart

And with that we come to an end. The plan in my life goals is to ultimately end up with a Shrine of each of these Avengers meaning I can have links to their background lore and shiny pictures of my figures- First up will be the Sable Helm Shrine.

As always thanks for checking this out.

Aeldari // Ships of the Fleet and Other Craft

Eldar Ship Classes of Warhammer 40,000

Well on my adventures of chasing down Eldar words, I discovered the motherload via Battlefleet Gothic. So here is my collection of known Eldar ships of the 40K universe. If you have discovered more please let me know in the comments below.

Aconite: They are armoured with an advanced laser Weapons Battery and their speed allows them to circle enemy capital ships and attack them from behind, away from their main defensive weapons systems. They usually operate in groups of three or four ships and can lay down fire equal to that of a battleship's broadside.

Notable Ships:

Bloodied Knife - Voidlarks
Stings of Eternity - Unknown
Siren Cry - Unknown

Aurora: The Aurora Class is a class of Eldar light cruiser. Little is known about the cruiser other than it has the normal characteristics of an Eldar vessel, light armour, Holofields, high speed and heavy weaponry. It is said to have the speed of an escort but the weapons of a cruiser.

Notable Ships:

Dragon's Claw - Voidlarks
Stormchaser- Active during the Gothic War
Windrunner- Active during the Gothic War
Mansbane - Amharoc Corsair Craft

Cloudcutter: A short-range web way capable ship for atmospheric landings. These light, short-range craft are armed with star cannons.

Beautiful Fury - 

Corvette Ship: A planet based ship, luxury style ship for ruling elite

Starwander - Saim-Hann

Darkstar Fighter: They are highly advanced, using technology to provide them with great agility and speed, using some form of inertia-dampener which allows them to turn on the spot. They run on crystal power generators which allows them to operate for longer periods than many other more conventional engine forms used by other races

DragonshipCruiser class. It is not a specific design like most other named vessel classes, but rather is a generic name for Eldar vessels of a larger size. The vessels under the name Dragonship have a similar armament and adhere to the same tactics but can be varied within these classes

Notable Ships:
Flame of Asuryan - Prince Yriel's Flagship
Lanathrialle - Corsair Flagship - Sword of Winters Vengeance. Amharoc Corsairs - Yvraines ex ship now destroyed.
Light in the Infinite Darkness - Unknown
Pride of Haladesh - Iyanna's ship.
Tarava - House Dathelith

EclipseThe Eclipse-class Cruiser is a class of Eldar Cruiser that is one of the most effective Attack Craft carriers in the entire Gothic Sector thanks in large part to the quickness and agility that is common to all Eldar craft.

Notable Ships:

Asuryan's Chosen- Active during the Gothic War
Eliarenath's Gift- Active during the Gothic War
The Harrier - Voidlarks Prince Farasis Cruiser.
Silent Warrior- Was one of the most well-known Eldar pirate ships of the Gothic Sector.
Stardeath- Active in the Gothic Sector before and during the Gothic War. It was one of the deadliest and most notorious ships of its class.

Eagle Bomber: It carries a modified holo field generator to protect it from enemy sensors which distorts the image of the bomber at close range, as well as sonic charges which can blast through the thickest armour. Its targeting systems allow pinpoint accuracy and coupled with the difficulty in hitting them, the Eagle is one of the best bombers in the galaxy

Ghostships: Ghostship does not refer to a particular class of vessel per se, but rather to those Eldar ships whose crews have dwindled over the years to the point where they must be bolstered by Spirit stones. In some cases, a Ghostship will lack living crew altogether, instead of controlled entirely by Spirit stones, often those of its original crew. The presence of these Spirit stones brings a strange sort of sentience to the living wraithbone core from which Eldar ships are built. When combined with a Ghostship's typically tiny crew, this can make Ghostships relatively difficult to damage. Ghostships are not without their problems, however. The same issues that plague Wraithguard and Wraithlords are present in Ghostships to such a degree that a Spiritseer is all but required to guide the ancient spirits that control the ship. The very use of the Spirit stones of long-dead Eldar is also considered abhorrent to the Eldar, and as such, they are only used in times of dire need, as is the case with Craftworld Iyanden.

Haven Spire: Haven Spires are home to many Eldar Outcasts, a number of which become corsairs. A Haven Spire is a base from which these Eldar launch their raids and is just one of the identified structures used by the Eldar. They are distinctively Eldar with large solar sails for capturing solar energy and are usually buried deep within asteroid fields or nebulae and have formidable weaponry as well as the corsair fleet. The Imperium is keen to destroy any Haven Spires they come across in the hopes of stopping the pirate activity.

Hellebore: It is the embodiment of Eldar's ideas and technology in that it is a good, all-round vessel that can match the payload of an Imperial light cruiser while maintaining the speed and agility of an escort. They excel at ambushes as their torpedoes can scatter vessels and then their Pulsar Lances and Weapons Battery can take over to destroy stragglers.

Notable Ships:

Black Razor - Voidlarks
Solami - Voidlarks
Nuolta - Voidlarks
Children of Moech-
Star Serpents-

Hemlock: It is a very simple design, consisting of a powerful Pulsar Lance and an engine, and little else. It is more of a flying gun than a ship proper. It is likely that the crew numbers are small, the interior power requirements for maintaining an atmosphere would take so much energy as to prevent the use of the warp drive or main weaponry. This makes them easy prey for boarding actions

Notable Ships:

Aaveen -
Devils of the Stars-
Furious Angels-
Seadragon - Voidlark

Irdiris- Fast Ship.

Naiad: Titan Carrier Class Ship.

Notable Ships:

Vail's Caress- Battle of Valedor

Nightshade Class Destroyer:
It is extremely fast and designed to deploy ordnance close to the enemy before retreating. When coupled with the highly destructive torpedoes used by the Eldar (including neutron or vortex warheads), the Nightshade is basically a weapon which can strike anywhere quickly and at will.

Notable Ships:

Blades of V'enna-
Storm of Khaine-

Flashing Death-

Scout Ships

Vermillion Errant
Shadow: A medium class ship with notably large lower wings which denotes an Eldar ship of this class.

Notable Ships:

Black Star- Commanded by Conanmaol of the Executioners Corsair band during the Gothic War.
Bright Claw- Active during the Gothic War
Celestial KingActive during the Gothic War
Child of KhaineActive during the Gothic War
Chariot of MathurirActive during the Gothic War
Fhianna Rethol- Active during the Gothic War and captured intact after a devastating torpedo attack.
Legacy of Eldanesh- Fought against the Necrons, part of the Alaitoc Fleet.
Shadowblade- Lannanaris' fleet.

Shadowhunter Class Escort: They are the smallest vessels used by Iyanden Craftworld and are likely the smallest in the fleet. They often operate in vast numbers and sit close to the Craftworld itself. They act as patrol vessels and also guide other vessels into the Craftworld but can also operate at a distance that larger vessels would find dangerous when a close defence is necessary.
Anino - House Dathelith

Solaris: A class of Eldar light cruiser. Unfortunately for many captains, it is easily mistaken for the Aurora class and this has led to many tactical mistakes. It has the typical large solar sail at the rear.

Notable Ships:

Swift River: Corsair Ship - Captain Answea, Pilot Arathuin, Navigators - Kadoreth, Telekandor, Artuis.
White Lion- Part of Lannanaris' fleet.
Void Serpent- Active during the Gothic War

Transport Ship

Dawnsail: Ulthwe Ship

Void DragonTrader style Vessel similar in design to the Dragonships.

Notable Ships:

Joyous Venture- Carried Asuryan.
Lacontiran- A trading Schooner.

Void Runner: Similar to a venom used to traverse a Craftworld.

Notable Ships:
Imbriel's Embrace - Iyanden.

Voidstalker: The Void Stalker is one of the largest Eldar space vessels after the Craftworld. It represents the pinnacle of Eldar technology

Notable Ships:

Auspicious Illumination of Eternity- Flagship of Iyanden destroyed in action against Hive Fleet Naga.
Baricos - Silar Dathelith's Flagship Iyanden.
Blood of Khaine - Captured by Imperial Fist and later destroyed by Iyanden.
Brightstar - Flagship of the Executioners corsair band, was seen throughout the Gothic Sector and concentrated heavily on the Lysades sub-sector.
Forge of Vaul - Gothic War vessel
Manticore - Lannanaris' Flagship.
The misery of Platea -Attacked the Orks of the Cyclops Cluster and was often seen bombarding Ork positions on planets alongside Imperial forces. Rumours abound that the ship was destroyed after single-handedly attempting to destroy a Space Hulk.
Ynnead's Dream - Battleship of Ynnead's followers.


Eltereth - Nuadhu's personal webrunner

Wraithships: Formed out of pure wraithbone drawn from the warp. The core is forged out of this material and into it is connected all the systems of the ship as well as being psychically attuned to the frequencies used by the Eldar. This psychic connection allows instant communication and turns the ship almost into a living being in its own right.

Notable Ships:

Wraithborne - A squadron of Wraithships crewed House Valdor.
Helwyr - A squadron of Wraithships from House Dathelith

Unknown Ship Classes

Stardance: Harlequin Ship

Phoenix Lord Ship

Storm Lance: Asurmens ship. Pleasure yacht

Corsair Ship Names - Class of Ship Unknown.

The Fae Taruth - Capital Ship of the Azure Flame corsairs
Last paradise of Vel
Lucid Wavewalker
Princess of Gold
Wayward Niece
Wind-borne Wanderer

Dark Eldar Ship Names

Glowing Pain:
Daggerwraith: Kabal of the Barbed Eye

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