Sector 102 // Restricted Tek Files- Spy in the Sky

Spy in the Sky

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Justice Department:
 Support & Surveillance.

Spy in the Sky satellite camera.

History: An essential part of Justice Department hardware-the “Spy-In-The-Sky” satellite camera,used extensively by PSU (Public Surveillance Unit) to hover and follow, usually at a discreet distance, a questionable vehicle or suspected ’perp’.

Technical Specs 
The “Spy-In-The-Sky” has many useful citizen-watching features:
  1. Viewfinder 
  2. Transmitter 
  3. Auto-focus 
  4. Telephoto 
  5. Anti-redeye lens 
  6. Zoom lens 
  7. Data pack 
  8. Main drive 
  9. Positional drive 
  10. Battery 
  11. Date/time recording 
  12. Auto white balance 
  13. Backlight compensator 
There you have it, big brother is always watching you! Just need to find some bits and bobs to try and make own in game spy units. I hope these articles are of help with any roleplaying ideas you have? Let me know if you enjoy these articles by dropping me a comment below. Or better let hit follow :)

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