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Welcome back Dreadheads to another Character Fact File post. Inspired by the Cursed Earth saga from Complete Case Files 02 (link), I have decided to paint a model that reminds me of a character from that tale. The tale in question is Dark Autumn and the character is Novar.

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Novar is a Cursed Earth mutant child with powerful psychic abilities giving him future sight and telekinesis.


Novar is a strange child with a very empathic nature. He despises evil and has a very black and white view on humanity.


Novar was a child born with incredible psychic abilities. Shortly after he was born, his father died and he was raised by his crazed mother.

In his early teens he came across Judge Dredd and his group during the early stages of their trek across the Cursed Earth towards Mega-City Two, shortly after their run in with Brother Morgar and his Mutant Brotherhood. Spikes Harvey Rotten found him by his home making a tree sculpture from scrap metal. Not long after the Mutant Brotherhood attack from all sides. After one of Dredd's fellow Judges was killed, Novar felt great emotion and using his powers he blew apart the shards of the metal tree he made and forced the shards to stab many of the Brotherhood members and stabbed Morgar with his own knife. Shortly after Dredd and the others say goodbye to Novar, the child hints that one day they may meet again.

Judge Dredd Miniature Game

So when trying to come it with rules for Novar, I needed to remember two things- 1) He's a kid, so should be weak 2) He has a strong Telekinesis powers. So when coming up with the character I decided to use the Juve stats as a base, then raised him just enough in levels to max out on Telekinesis powers. Here is my attempt along with the model.


Type: Cursed Earth PSI Level 3 Hero 135
Mercenary: Justice Department, Street Gang, Mobsters and Cursed Earth Desperadoes.

Move 5"
Agility +1
Shoot -1
Melee -1
Melee Dice 2D
Will +3
Armour +0
Hits 4
Psi 7 (9)


Concentrated Mind, The Power within

Psi Powers:
Concussive Blast, Levitate, Crushing Force, Control Body

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