Beer Review 39 // Ete Indien by Dieu Du Ciel

Welcome to another beer review. For this review we are heading back over the river to Quebec Canada and enjoying a Du Dieu Ciel beer. These guys for me are producing some amazing beers, including the absolutely amazing Peche Mortel. They have a little brew pub in Montreal which is always worth a visit, especially for the cheeseboards! So let us jump on in:


Name: Ete Indien aka Indian Summer

Style: Mango Sour Wheat Beer

Brewery: Dieu Du Ciel

Country: Canada, Quebec.

Price: $3.50 CAD

ABV: 5.9%

Commercial Fluff
The dominant sourness of Été Indien is a result of letting the un-boiled mash do its thing for a few days. The interesting sour character this develops is further complemented by the addition of a heaping pile of fresh fruit shortly thereafter. The result is an incredibly refreshing sour ale where the fruit is allowed to carry through without restraint.

Own Opinion

Can Art: Some the bottles from Dieu Du Ciel are a miss on artwork but this time they nailed the theme of Summer into Autumn. The artwork evokes sunny warm afternoons as the leaves turn golden.

Sight: Damn I've conned this must be Mango juice. It pours like juice from a carton, opaque yellow, hardly no head even if you attempt a hard pour. Looks amazing.

Aroma: Mango, lots of mango, but not your canned variety. I mean like fresh sweet mango, freshly sliced, hidden just behind this is a subtle hint of wheat.

Taste: Well I'm sure you can guess, it tastes amazing. Mango up front with a juicy acidic sourness from it. The acidity of the beer is quite pleasant and adds to the flavour profile rather than overpowering it. The drink ends dry making you want more and is overall a very refreshing beer.

Would I buy it again? Yes.

Well that was a great beer, refreshing, delicious and did exactly what it's meant to do put a smile on my face. It may have lacked the puckering sourness some look for, but for me it was a tropical late summer masterpiece. If you can get your hands on some do so, if not enjoy my pictures over on social media as I finish up a case this week.

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