Beer Review 38 // Mashing Pumpkins by Calabogie

As far as seasonal beers go halloween sucks. We get a surge of these "pumpkin" infused or inspired ales. Which in my opinion always miss the mark, you either get spicebomb beer of cinnamon and clove or you get a sweet drink like a Pumpkin Latte. Neither of which actually showcase the pumpkin. This year if I'm honest I had planned to avoid all Pumpkin beer, but when I saw today's review beer I was drawn to it. So let us jump in:


Name: Mashing Pumpkins
Style: Pumpkin Ale
Brewery: Calabogie
Country: Canada, Ontario, Calabogie.
Price: $7 CAD at a bar for a 473ml can.
ABV: 5.5%

Commercial Fluff

"This beer pours a reddish brown with a big off white head. The nose is cold pumpkin pie and warm spice. The mouthfeel is creamy with a medium to heavy body.  Flavours of raisins, and dark fruit, are balanced with the perfect touch of pumpkin and spice.  The perfect fall and winter warmer. BOO…"

Own Opinion

Can Art: Like most of their cans the artwork is simple and to the point which I like. The colour palette screams Halloween and then the little Pumpkin mascot helps push it all home.

Sight: The boardgame cafe glassware was bad hence no pictures. It poured a dark brown with a hint of red if held to a light. A nice white foam of a head appears and hangs around which is nice.

Aroma: Instantly hit by spices you would find in a pumpkin pie. Cinnamon playing a big role once more.

Taste: As it hits the tongue you get that classic cinnamon hit, lucky for this one it's backed up with some darker malt which adds character. It's a very pleasant mouthfeel but I'm not getting pumpkin. What I am getting is a tasty christmas fruit cake.

Would I buy it again? Surprisingly yes.

Hands up I'm not a pumpkin beer fan and thought I would truly struggle with this. I was wrong I actually enjoyed this. I enjoyed it because I couldn't taste pumpkin at all, instead I good a beer with a spicy warmth that reminded me of delicious cakes, full of raisins and spice. Maybe if they changed the name and didn't mention Pumpkins I would have tried it sooner and would be raving about.

What are your thoughts on Pumpkin beer? Is it a hit with you? Am I missing something? As always drop me a comment below and if you are feeling kind please do hit follow.

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