Sector 102 // Welcome to the Jungle- Ape Gang

Welcome back to the World of Judge Dredd and Mega-City One. This time we visit the Jungle and Don Uggie Apelino's Ape Gang, who you may remember from the Complete Case Files 01. So let us start with:

The Jungle

The Jungle was a slum in Mega-City One, it was full of large climbing frame like structures and was largely populated by uplifts (genetically enhanced apes), it was located in Sector 301.


The Jungle was a small sector built not long after the Atomic Wars to house the Uplifts, however it quickly descended into depravity and crime when the gangs took over, reaching its lowest point when Don Uggie Apelino's gang took over in 2099. Apelino's gang wreaking several gang wars with the East Side Mob before finally the Judges took a step in and arrested Apelino and his gang.

The Jungle was wiped out during the Apocalypse War, and was deemed inhabitable due to nuclear fallout. It was later rebuilt but remained a slum full of gang violence and crime with various Mafia family's constantly taking dominance.

Sector 102

Like many Sectors throughout the city, Sector 102 has a designated area for Uplifts forced to leave the Jungle after the Apocalypse War. Unfortunately the area rapidly followed the Jungle and descended into a crime riddled zone. To make matters worst following the harbor flood of 2134 during the Chaos Bug outbreak, the area became heavily flood and is now called 'The Swamp'. Traveling through this section of 102 is almost impossible without using the swings and ropes installed by the Uplift.

Important Uplifts- Don Uggie Apelino

Don Uggie Apelino was an uplift who ran the infamous Ape Gang operating from within the Jungle.

Apelino gained much of his character from the gangsters of the late 1920's-30's. He was cocky, rude and short tempered, nether the less he had managed to lead his gang well and quickly became a nuisance for Justice HQ.

Apelino rose to the title of Don in 2099, replacing Vito and turning the Ape Gang into a more violent force with full control over the criminal activity in the Jungle. Almost instantly Uggie begins to branch out, angering the East Side Mob as they moved into one another's territory.

Uggie and his two top men Joe Bananas and Fast Eeek confront Judge Dredd in his office and demand that the Judges stay away from their buissness, planning to start a gang war with the East Side Gang, Dredd orders them to leave promisng to come down heavy if they break the law.

A war emerges with both sides striking against each other, on the fourth day of the violence Dredd attempts to hunt down the instigator behind the attacks, Don Uggie himself. Dredd interogates Apelino's mother and discovers that the Ape Gang was planning to abush an East Side Mob truck, so the Judges comandeer the truck and counter ambush Apelino's gang. Uggie tries to make a break for it but fails and he and his surviving gang members are then jailed. to the Mega-City Zoo.

After two years in prison, he and his boys put out a hit on Dredd, offering a billion creds to do so. This prompted a large number of hitmen to try and put a bullet between his head, it ended badly of course and Uggie and his boys simply wound up in jail a second time.

During the aftermath of the Apocalypse War, Uggie and his gang escape from prison and return to the ruins of what was once the Jungle, however overtime their intelligence regresses due to radiation from the fallout. Uggie
still in control begins to kill any travelers who strayed inside his territory.

After a group of backpackers are assulted by Uggie's boys, Dredd investigates and plants a tracking device on Fast Eeek. Eeek leads Dredd back to the Don's camp and Dredd begins to execute the apes until it was just him and Don Uggie left standing. Uggie lets out a roar and attempts to spear Dredd, but is imedietely shot down, dying instantly.

Uggie's gandson Itchy breifly took the role of Don in 2121.

Group Shot.

Notable Gang Members of Sector 102's Swamp Skunks

Koko: Koko worked for Mega City Gas as a Security Guard. Having held down a job for so long Koko had earned himself and his family a nicer home within the area that would soon become the 'Swamp'.

Koko's good fortune all came to an end during the Chaos Bug as the Harbor flooded the lower levels of his neighborhood. Soon the lower level Chimps where climbing higher and bring crime to Koko's door. To make matters worst Mega City Gas fired Koko in favour of a needy human. With only his uniform left and his home over run by Chimps, Koko decided to rise up and carve out a territory within the New Formed Swamp.

Koko takes a lot of inspiration from Don Apelino preferring to take what he wants rather than wait like norm. Still sporting his old uniform Koko can normally be found wielding a Spit Gun, though he is still searching for a Tommy Gun!

Dotty: Dotty is Koko's long suffering wife. Used to a life of semi luxury the flooding and Chaos Bug flipped her life around. Now Dotty is 2nd in command of biggest Ape Gang in Sector 102. It's not all glamour though as Dotty spends most of the day chasing the younger chimps around and trying to keep the base of operations tidy.

Dotty is regularly seen sporting a hand cannon know as her boom boom!

Pancakes: Pancakes has seen a lot in his lifetime, as his family were killed during the Chaos Bug Disaster. Taken under wing by Koko, Pancakes soon learned that getting job could mean the end of Gang life. So Pancake befriended a local Shuggy Hall owner by the name of Angles Mcmanus ex-pro shuggy player. Starting of working in the kitchens as a dishwasher, Pancakes soon became the bar's bouncer enforcing a zero tolerance on cheating and fighting. The Shuggy hall has become a popular hangout in Sector 102 being regularly visited by the likes of Max Normal and local vidscreen stars.

Pancakes is dressed like a barman from the 1920's sporting a handgun and Old Faithful his trusty and rusty Crowbar.

Left Eyed Clyde: Currently the only Orangutan in the group, Clyde brings a form of much needed tech support (or at least try to). Clyde can usually be found in the workshop tinkering and repairing the groups weapons and has some success with Robot Monkeys (more on these another time). When called into the fray, Clyde is normally far from the action preferring to view everything through his left eye down the scope of his rifle.

Jinx: One of the first Chimps to join Koko's troupe. Jinx has a reputation for getting into trouble and having a fast mouth. His first crime was attempting to steal food from a vendor Droid, ultimately getting his paw trapped within the Droids mouth. Without the timely save by Dotty, Jinx may have lost a paw!

Now Jinx never leaves home without his bat and now seeks vengeance against all Vending Droids.

Fonz: Jinx's long suffering younger cousin. Fonz is more of a hanger on than a true member. Having followed Jinx to a local gang fight, Fonz was thrown into the deep end when he was attacked. Soon natural instincts kicked in and Fonz found himself biting the nose clean off his attacker! Scooping up the prone attackers Stump Gun, Fonz has become a one Monkey killing machine. Though never truly accepted into the Swamp Skunks, Fonz is treated as a member within the Swamps.

Bubble and Squeak: Definitely not the brains of the group, what Bubble and Squeak lack in smarts they sure make up in energy. Usually found running like mad chimps towards the enemy waving their pistols wildly. This pair never leave home without extra ammo as 90% of the time they likely miss. Koko never leaves home without these twins, leading many to believe he sees them as his young.

And with that we have reached the end. A big thanks for reading all the way through and if you have enjoyed this nerdy trip let me know below!

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