Beer Review 26 // Disco Soleil

Time to go travelling my fellow drinkers, so pack a bag and a hip flask!

After a little exploring and leaving the safety of Ottawa, Ontario behind, I have discovered my new favourite Beer shop in Gatineau, Quebec (15 minute car ride away, crossing the river). More about this shop another blogging time but basically it is a Mecca for Quebec breweries and I love the place! It stocks some amazing breweries and I am looking forward to trying them all.

One such brewery you can find here is Dieu Du Ciel. These guys have produced some of my favourite Canadian beers so far (see another beer here). And I was very excited, to say the least to find a full range of their beers so I had to grab a few (would be rude not too).

Which brings us nicely to today's beer. This beer caught my eye as it's made with Kumquats, something I haven't seen/tasted in a beer before. So let's get going.

Name: Disco Soleil
Style: IPA
Brewery: Dieu du Ciel
Country: Quebec, Canada
Price: $3.25 CAD
ABV: 6.5%

Commercial Fluff:

This cloudy-orange beer is the taste of liquid summer sunshine. Refreshing kumquat immerses the palate with citrus and tropical fruit, while biting hops interplay with bready malt. A touch of acidity from the kumquat zest finishes things off with a smile and wink. Whenever you find yourself yearning for those hazy summer days and warm electric nights, here you will find solace.

Own Opinion

Sight: Pours a cloudy golden colour with a white creamy head. Looks tasty and matches the colour on the label.

Aroma: It has a very gentle aroma, slight hit of orange, melon and pine/resin. Not as bold as I had hoped.

Taste: Orange, quite mouth drying as well. It's very easy to drink, with a bit of malt coming through towards the finish. Drinking this kind of reminds me of Orange fruit pastels which is great!

Would I buy it again? Yes. Well all considered for my first Kumquat beer this is a success. Great packaging which seems to be their style, with a great looking beer inside. The flavours are gentle and not to over the top. I'm left with a nice taste in my mouth and would happily have more.

Have you drank this beer? What are your thoughts on it? Drop me a comment and let me know.

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