Brew Review 19 // Bricks and Mortar by Left Field

For this brew review we are heading to Toronto.....Ontario's capital. This beer brewed by Left Field Brewery is part of their winter seasonal range and I got to enjoy it during a cold January day this year. Left Field brewery was set up two years ago by a husband and wife duo who along with their wealth of home and contract brewing believe in having fun and a good beer, they're also rather big fans of baseball it would seem. The brewery itself has been around for about two years and is going from Strength to Strength, now supporting a team of 19 people. So let us get into the details of this beer.

Name: Bricks & Mortar
Style: Coffee Porter
Brewery: Left Field
Country: Canada (Toronto, Ontario)
Price: $7.95 cad
Location Bought: LCBO Ottawa Trainyards
ABV: 6%

Commercial Fluff:

"Brewed in collaboration with our neighbours, Pilot Coffee Roasters, Bricks and Mortar is our tribute to the brick industry upon which our neighbourhood was built along with our own evolution to becoming a physical brewery. Whole freshly roasted Ana Sora Ethiopian coffee beans are added to the beer during the final stages of conditioning for a gentle, cold extraction process resulting in a blend of rich milk chocolate, freshly picked strawberries and silky vanilla."

Own Opinion

Sight: Great bottle with a nice clean design embossed on it. The beer itself pours a rich dark brown with a solid beige head. Sticks to the glass well.
Aroma: There's definitely coffee in this one! Also getting a sweetness like caramel too, along with mild fruit note.
Taste: A lot of coffee which is great, some sweet caramel notes. Very smooth mouthful which finishes pleasantly dry, easy drinker for sure.

Would I buy it again? Yes. As may have become apparent over my reviews I am a big fan of coffee and porters, so for me this ticks a lot of boxes. I enjoy the smooth creamy mouthfeel of it and dry finish which made it a great beer for relaxing in the evening and reading a good book.

Personally I have to now try and find some more of their beer as this is my first experience of them and it sure won't be my last.

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