Brew Review 15 // Anchor Steam Beer

John here with another brew review (More Reviews found here). Today I am blogging about what I believe is a classic American Craft beer; Anchor Steam. Anchor brewery was producing craft beer before the "Craft" scene was even a scene. They have a huge following of fans and are among some of the most respected brewers in the business. I was lucky enough to travel to San Francisco about eight years ago, unfortunately I hadn't had my eyes open to the world beers. So with this in mind I think I now have a good excuse to go back once more (fingers crossed).

So lets jump head first back into the beer.

Name: Anchor Steam Beer
Brewery: Anchor Brewery
Country: USA, San Francisco, California.
Price: $15.10 CAD for a Six Pack/ $2.52 a bottle.
ABV: 4.9%

Commercial Fluff:

"Light amber colour with dense head; aromas of spice, grain and sweet toasted malt with floral notes; dry, medium bodied, rich, creamy with notes of nut and grain and a long finish."

Own Opinion

Packaging: Classic looking brown bottle, with the stylist anchor motif. Very classic looking, but doesn't help it jump of the shelves in my opinion.
Sight: A nice amber coloured beer, with a noticeable bubbles.
Aroma: Malty and a slight hint of caramel.
Taste: Malts, with a slight spicy back of the throat finish. Clean beer that is easy to finish.

Would I buy it again? Yes. It's hard to find a fault in a classic beer like this. Hailing from a brewery believed by many, to have helped with the re-emergence Craft Beer in the USA. This beer is a gateway drug to how good beer should taste. It is beer to introduce lager friends too. It's also a safe bet when faced by an ever increasing tap line-up and it's also one of the most commonly found craft beers around.

This is Anchor's head lining beer and can be found in most good bars around the world. It's one of those beers, that you can just sit back and relax with. No harsh flavours or over the top bitterness and is quite sessionable, being just shy of at 5% mark.
If you need a beer to tempt loved ones away from Bud/Coors/Miller then this is the beer to use. I truly believe you would struggle to find a fault with it. Highly recommend for those in your life who aren't ready to be a hophead.

So what are your thoughts on this American Classic? Would love to get your thoughts below. Thanks once again for reading all the way.


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