Brew Review 14 // Flying Monkey Chocolate Manifesto

Welcome back readers, today I am unleashing my dark side (brah ha ha).

The brew for today is by Flying Monkey brewery and goes by the fun name of Chocolate Manifesto. The branding on the box really stands out and is truly on point, though seemingly quite cluttered and messy.

Name: The Chocolate Manifesto
Brewery: The Flying Monkeys
(Barrie, Canada)
Style: Imperial Stout
Price: $11.95 CAD
ABV: 10%

Commercial Fluff:
"Opaque espresso-brown with a thick, caramel coloured head; rich aromatic notes of hot fudge sundae, cherry cordial, chocolate mousse and freshly ground coffee beans; on the palate it is full bodied and rich, with mild carbonation and dense, sweet chocolate and bitter mocha flavours."

Own Opinion

Sight: A thick, dark Brown Chocolate colour. Just from the look of this I know it's good!
Aroma: Wow. Chocolate straight away, followed by vanilla and a slight roasted aroma. Smells amazing.
Taste: Chocolate milkshake (amazing!!). This beer is pure win. You can really taste the chocolate which gives a milky, smooth mouth feel, followed by a slight alcoholic burn.

Would I buy it again? Yes....Yes....YES! I have enjoyed this beer quite a few times which is the best review I can give.

Final Thoughts

This is my go to type of beer style. I rarely drink more than a pint or two these days (old age lol). So when I sit down to have a beer, I like to feel treated and this beer does exactly that. It's filling and warming and seems a little bit special, coming in a box and fancier styled bottle. It even comes in a large bottle so perfect for sharing with friends or even baking with it! Go buy some. But you'll have to beat me to it first if you can.

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