Introduction Post: Welcome to the madness.

Welcome to my first blog post on here. A quick introduction is in order I feel. Enjoy!

So you managed to find my corner of the internet. Welcome to a blog that will follow my life and all the stupid things I get up to. But who am I?

Back in the 80's a child is born to a housewife and a draughts-man/builder/jack of all trades, in rural England. Growing up he led a pretty standard life; earned the nickname Peps and had a small knit group of friends. Was always shy, geeky and never got to travel much. This all changed during his 20's after meeting a Canadian lady and future partner.

Since then he's started to travel the world, moved country, embraced all aspects of his geekiness and has landed an amazing job at a local brewery. Whilst never looking back and always with the Canadian by my side.

So what will Beers with Peps be about? For the most part it will about my passions: Beer, comics, films and board games. It will also feature some travel and life tales as I see fit to add, but ultimately it will be a place where I can have fun and hopefully inspire others to embrace themselves too.

Hope you follow and enjoy what you read. Thanks.

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