Comic Review 04 // 2000 AD Mega City Five-O

I'm continuing the Free 2000 AD theme (See Jaegir) with this next installment: Mega-City Five-0! Unlike the previous free comics, this one is themed purely Judge Dredd's own World. So let us jump straight in.

The cover is a pretty straight forward piece as we have come to expect from the free publications. The main focus is of course Judge Dredd and he can be seen striking a running and shooting pose on the cover. The stories in side are all written by three authors John Wagner, Alan Grant and Al Ewing so as far stories go we are in for a real treat.

Story: Ten Years On
Script: John Wagner and Alan Grant
Art: Garry Leach

This is a nice classic tale to open with. Set 10 years after Dredd's opening case (I'm not sure but I think it's also 10 years of real life). Randolph Whitely has escaped Devil's Island and has taken Hostages at the Munce-Co plant and only Dredd can rescue them.

It's a nice short tale which plays homage to Dredd's early days before the epic story lines started to take over. The artwork is clean and neat and the story progresses in a great fluid way. I especially like how Dredd can't remember the guy either.

Story: 10,000,000 is a Dangerous Age, Cynthia.
Script: Alan Grant
Art: Colin MacNeil

This is a cute comedy tale based on a Mo-Pad (mobile house). The family in question are called the Willbur's and have been driving Cynthia non-stop for close to twelve years. As the KMPH clock ticks close to 10,000,000, a tv crew become interested in their story and offers them a free house when they pass the magical number. Only problem facing them and their goal is Dredd. Such a fun story and really shows off how crazy MC-1 use to be in the early days. Just imagining living in a mo-pad for twelve years almost drives me mad.

Story: The Mega-Rackets: The Numbers Racket
Script: John Wagner and Alan Grant
Art: Colin Wilson

For this tale we have a start to finish case. Numbers Racket is all about the illegal obtaining of a companies computer codes and using them for personal gain. We are introduced to a Racketeer by the name of Lumpty and his gang and how Dredd uses all the resources of the Justice Department to take them down. It's one of the more straight edged tales, without any real crazy stuff going on. It's also kind of weird how this sort of thing has become quite a common crime now a days.

Story: Flood's Thirteen
Script: John Wagner
Art: Chris Blythe

A more resent tale from the Judge Dredd Magazine, also the first strip to contain colour in this freebie meg. It seems to a play on Ocean 11 I think. We have seasoned robber recently released from the cubes called Johnny Flood. He decides he wants pay back on the justice the department and plans a heist on the 'Mirage' a tax collecting space vessel, full the brim with wealth. With his team picked, a well thought out plan and a teleporter what could possibly go wrong?

Story: Ten Years
Script: John Wagner
Art: Jock

A pretty sad tale about a boy who had to be kept hidden from the world because he is a mutant. Facing jail time and having her son deported to the Cursed Earth, we watch how far a mother will go to protect her son. And we even get to see a bit of Dredd's compassionate side too. Good tale and a nice filler.

Story: Six
Script: John Wagner
Art: Chris Weston

Again a more modern tale. This time staring one of Dredd's most reoccurring characters. The cheeky PJ Maybe. A psycho from a young age PJ killed his way to the top and made a lot of money doing it. PJ even managed to convince Dredd that he was dead. Now PJ is back in MC-1 looking for revenge against six people you wronged him as a child. Can this crazed nutter outwit Dredd or can Dredd foil his plans?

Story: Twenty Years to Midnight
Script: Al Ewing
Art: Henry Flint

The story revolves around a juve gang leader called Dunbar. As he sits alone watching his block gang dance the night away, he slowly plots his own escape. Fear building in him as the clock counts down to midnight. At midnight his life ends, as it will be his twentieth birthday and he will become a 'dult' sworn enemy to his old gang. But just as Dunbar is about to make his move Dredd walks in.

Story: Mega-City 5000
Script: John Wagner
Art: Bill Ward & Brian Bolland

Now for the final tale. The Mega-City 5000 is a competition held by the rival biker gangs of Mega-City One. Their objective is to travel across MC-1 and the first biker to reach the finish line beacon, proves their gang to be number one. Only problem for them is the Judges, the biggest and toughest gang of them all. This is a great tale as it reintroduces Judge Giant and we get to meet Spike Rotten, future savior of Mega-City Two.


This is a great free magazine. 8 full stories are included inside and features some of the most amazing talent from over the years. It contains a bit of everything for newbies and veterans be it from the early years of Dredd, all the way up to modern stories. It also does a really good job of showcasing MC-1's weird and freaky future culture. This comic is a good introduction for newbies, so go download it and share with a friend.

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