Brews Review 07 // Big Rig Gold

Welcome back we are staying local today with one of Ottawa's most respected breweries Big Rig. The beer up for discussion is Gold their flagship Pale Ale available in LCBOs, grocery shops and their bars. The one I'm drinking today is a 473ml can, from the LCBO, it also comes in growlers, from their Iris Street location (though they have stopped doing this). The company has a lot to offer the local beer scene here in Ottawa and it is great to see them spreading throughout Ontario and offering out their services to contract breweries. They have a range of seasonal beers, high quality house beers and even the odd cask. If you get the chance do check these guys out.

Name: Gold

Brewery: Big Rig Brewery

Country: Canada, Ontario.

Price: $2.75 (LCBO)

ABV: 5%

Commercial Fluff:
"Our flagship beer is a refreshing Golden brew that uses a blend of the finest Canadian and German malts giving it a smooth mild body that balances the crisp, pleasant German hop finish. The hops used in this local brew are soon to be grown at our very own hop yard at the Phillips farm in Manotick"

Own Opinion

Sight: Pours a rich orange/amber golden colour. Crystal clear, bubbly and looking inviting.

Aroma: Strong malts backbone, biscuits, slight sweet honey aroma. Makes me think of good old Hob Nobs from the UK.

Taste: Sweet, biscuit flavours, hints of spice on the tongue from what I would assume is a German hop.

Would I buy it again? Yes and I have many times.

Final thoughts

The simple let bold can design, helps them to standout on the popular shelf in the LCBO. It's a refreshing pale ale and a very easy drinking brew. Over the summer nights in Ottawa, the evenings have been crazy hot and beers like this are perfect for keeping this Englishman sane.
If you don't fancy it out of a can (because you are purist), Big Rig have a retail shop at their brewpub location in Iris. The Iris brew pub itself is an amazing venue especially for watching the local sports teams on and I hope to visit it again soon. Sadly as I am only bus mobile (don't drink and drive kids 👍), I have only been a few times to this location. It's definitely a place I want to go visit for a night out and review in the near future (offer me a tour Big Rig if you read this).

So have you tried it? Do you agree or better let disagree? Drop me a comment and let me know your thoughts. Thanks for reading.

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