Brews Review 03 // Dia De Los Muertos Pay the Ferryman

Time for a beer I couldn't hope to pronounce correctly: Dia De Los Muertos 'Pay the Ferryman' Porter. First time with a Mexican beer that is actually not a mass produced lager so I'm excited to give this a whirl. The labeling on the bottle is what really got me to buy this as who doesn't love a creepy skeleton Ferryman?


​Name: Dia De Los Muertos Pay the Ferryman
Style: Porter
Brewery: Cervecería Mexicana
Country: Mexico
Price: £2.09 for 33cl bottle
ABV: 5%
Location Drank: London (UK)

Commercial Fluff:

"Dark brown color with red highlights. A full body beer with rich roasted malt and chocolate notes. It finishes with good hop, creamy toffee and caramel followed by delicate coffee notes and smooth chocolate aftertaste."

Own Opinion

Sight: Pours a hazy brown almost black liquid from the bottle, whilst a nice tan head forms on top.
Aroma: Interesting aromas of chocolate, roasted malts, bread and a hint of raisins.
Taste: Kind of what you would expect, coffee, roast malts, a bit of chocolate, some ash flavours as well. Had a bitter finish to as well.
Would I buy it again? No not really. The packaging is great and I would like to try the other varieties they produce, but for me it wasn't a standout beer, Pretty middle of the road average, safe pint.

A pretty looking label doesn't mean the beer will follow in quality. Shame really but I look forward to trying more from them. As always drop me a comment!

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